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Инструкция по эксплуатации GBC, модель SHREDMASTER 1666S

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This current path keeps the relay activated when the "ON" push button of the main control switch is released. The second current path is from the hot leg to the neutral leg of the circuit, through two parallel circuits. The first circuit is through the run coil of the motor (Ml), the second is through the main control switch (S3), starting capacitor (Cl), start coil of the motor (Ml). 3. Reverse (S2). The reverse switch is in series with the the coil of the relay. When this switch is activated, it opens to interrupt the current path through the relay coil, turning the shredder off. 6 5,0 TROUBLESHOOTING (Continued) 5.1.1 Electrical Operation (Continued) 4. Motor (Ml). The motor is a single phase, 200 Watt, continuous duty, AC motor with both a run coil and start coil. A centrifugal switch is in series with the start coil. The centrifugal switch is closed when the motor is at rest and opens, to disconnect the start coil, when the motor has reached a predetermined speed. The centrifugal switch acts as the trigger to activate the auto - reverse feature of the shredder. 5. Starting capacitor (Cl). The starting capacitor is in series with the start coil of the motor and aids the motor in starting. 6. Main control switch (S3). This dual push button switch controls the start, stop, reverse and auto - reverse modes of the shredder. When the "ON" push button is depressed, switch contacts D2 - C2 close to activate the the relay. Simultaneously, switch contacts A4 - B4 and A2 - B2 close to allowing current to pass through the start coil of the motor in a direction that will cause forward rotation. The centrifugal switch of the motor will open to disconnect the start coil when the motor comes up to speed. When the "ON" push button is released, contacts D2 - C2, A2 - B2 and A4 - B4 are broken. Simultaneously, contact A3 - B3 and A1 - B1 are closed, this reverses the direction of the current path through the start coil of the motor. If the speed of the motor drops at this time, the centrifugal switch will close, allowing current to pass through the start coil. Because the direction of the current path has been reversed by releasing the "ON" push button, the motor will immediately start to run in reverse. 7 5.0 TROUBLESHOOTING (Continued) 5.1.1 Electrical Operation (Continued) When the "OFF / REV" push button is depressed, switch contacts F3 - E3 are opened to deactivate the relay and turn the shredder off. If this push button is depressed when the shredder is turned off, contacts F4 - E4 are closed and power is supplied to the motor. The motor will run in the reverse direction as long as this push button is depressed. 5.1.2 Mechanical Operation During operation the upper cutting shaft is gear driven by the lower cutting shaft. The lower cutting shaft is chain driven by the motor. The upper and lower cutting shafts are machined to a close tolerance so that when mated, there is a nominal gap of .001 of an inch between the cutting disks of the upper and lower shafts. Paper inserted between these rotating shafts is sheared. If after use, the gap between the cutter disks exceed .004 of an inch, paper may fold between the cutting disks without shearing. Cutter shaft adjustment is explained in Section 6.0. 5.2 General Troubleshooting Malfunction corrections are based on visual observation by the operato...

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