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Инструкция по эксплуатации Honeywell, модель VISIOCAM RCWL8000A

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Before you mount the door camera or receiver in a permanent place, make sure that you have tested the two units and that the system works in the location you have chosen! (See ‘Setting up’, beginning on the next page.) THE VISIOCAM SYSTEM Your Honeywell wireless video entry system uses radio signals to transmit a video picture of the caller from the door camera to the receiver. The system is expandable, so you can install additional surveillance cameras, or a second door camera if required. CHECKING PACK CONTENTS The following items are included in the pack: Chime Kit • Door camera transmitter unit • Receiver unit with LCD display • Receiver charging base • RCA connection lead • Six No. 8 screws for wall mounting • Six wall plugs Camera Only • Door camera transmitter unit • Four No. 8 screws and plugs for wall mounting You will need: • 6 x AA alkaline batteries for the door camera • A No. 2 Phillips screwdriver • A 1/4-in. (6 mm) dia. masonry drill • A large flat-bladed screwdriver 69-2108EFS—01 ii VISIOCAM 69-2108EFS—01 Features DOOR CAMERA FEATURESCAMERA LENS CONFIDENCE LIGHT– VIEWS CALLERSINFRARED LEDS – ALLOWS THE CAMERA TO ‘SEE IN THE DARK’ IN MONOCHROMECALL BUTTON – ACTIVATES THECHIME TUNEAND CAMERA NAME PLATE – FOR DISPLAYING YOURNAME OR OTHER INFORMATIONLIGHT SENSOR– DETECTS AMBIENT LIGHTING ANDSWITCHES CAMERA FROM COLORTO MONOCHROME IN LOW LIGHT– ILLUMINATES WHENCALL BUTTON ISPRESSED TOREASSURE THECALLER THAT THEUNIT IS WORKING CAMERA BASE – REMOVES FOR WALL MOUNTINGMOVEMENT SENSOR (PIR) RECEIVER FEATURESSCAN BUTTON– LOOKS FORCONNECTEDCCTV-TYPE CAMERAS TUNE SELECTION BUTTON – SELECTS THECHIME TUNE FORTHE DOOR CAMERACHIMEVOLUMEScanRCA SOCKET – TO CONNECT TOA TV SET (OPTIONAL) ANTENNA – RECEIVES THESIGNAL FROMTHE CAMERADISPLAY – SCREENS THE CAMERAIMAGE FOR APPROX. 30SECONDS AFTER THE CALLBUTTON IS PRESSEDDISPLAYBRIGHTNESSMIC VOLUMEVISIOCAM– FOR FUTURE USETUNE SELECTION BUTTON – FOR SECONDCAMERA/PUSH BATTERY INDICATOR CHIME FLASHER Pre-installation setup Before fixing the door camera in place, set up and test the system as follows: Install the batteries in the door camera Note: The door camera has a built in tamper switch to help prevent theft. Once the batteries have been inserted, the confidence light flashes and the tamper alert sounds on the receiver. 1. Remove the two screws at the base of the camera unit and unhook and release the camera base, pulling it away from the lower end first. 312NAMEPLATE Installation and Use 69-2108EFS—01 Note: Removing the cover also provides access to the nameplate, so now is a good time to write your name or other information. To use the nameplate, pull the end out from the side of the battery compartment, add your text at the end of the strip and carefully push it back into the slot. 2. Insert six AA-size alkaline batteries in the battery compartment at the back of the door camera – as in the following diagram. Follow the plus (+) and minus (–) signs on the diagram inside the battery compartment. Never mix old and new batteries. 3. Refit the camera base and insert the screws to stop the tamper alert from sounding. Note: There is an option to power the door camera using an 8–10V transformer. See ‘Door Camera Transformer option’ at the end of this section for details. Pre-installation setup 132 Charge the receiver batteries 1. Remove the battery isolating tab at the rear of the portable receiver. 2. Place the receiver onto the charging base and plug the charging base into a suitable mains socket. The battery indicator flashes slowly if this is the first time the unit has been powered up; the chime tunes play once the batteries have enough power. Before the next step, leave the unit to charge for at least three hours so that the batteries have enough power for the LCD screen. The receiver takes about 12 hours to be fully charged. Note that the charging base and rear of the receiver will get warm in use: this is normal. Program the door camera into the receiver Ensure the door camera and receiver are separated by at least 6 ft. (2 m). To program the door camera into the receiver, press and hold the call button on the door camera until the receiver responds with a tune and displays the image captured by the camera. Once the door camera has been programmed into the receiver, the receiver remains active in program mode for approximately two minutes. Note: You can select another tune by pressing the ‘’ button. Pre-installation setup 21 Installing the door camera HORIZONTALTOP VIEWVERTICAL57574141 Position the door camera Find a position for the door camera where the call button is easy to press and the camera can ‘see’ visitors clearly. The following points are important: • The height needs to be between 4.5 and 5 ft. (1.3 and 1.5 m) above the ground or step where visitors normally stand. • The camera is adjustable through a 30° total angle left to right, and 60° top to bottom. Position the unit to ensure the camera has sight of your visitor. • Avoid a position where the c...

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