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Инструкция по эксплуатации Honeywell, модель VISIOCAM RPWL800A

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Note: The alert is also triggered when you undo the cover to replace batteries in the door camera. MIC volume [For future use] The topmost control along the side (see diagram on page 8) will control the volume produced from a microphone. Adjust for optimum listening level. Scan button When used in a multi-camera system, this button scans through available pictures. Privacy Remember that this product uses the public airwaves, and that the 30-second duration video signal from the door camera(s) can be picked up by nearby 2.4GHz video receiving devices. Installing the receiver Motion sensor The PIR (‘Passive InfraRed’) sensor activates the door camera automatically. The receiver produces a ‘ping’ sound and displays the door camera image for approximately 30 seconds. If the motion sensor is not required, then it can be disabled. To switch the motion sensor off, press and hold the call button on the camera for more than ten seconds. The confidence indicator blinks rapidly to confirm that the motion sensor is disabled. To switch the motion sensor back on, press and hold the call button for more than ten seconds, the confidence indicator remains on for two seconds to confirm. Note: Power loss to the camera or a change of batteries will reset the sensor back on. Door camera Expanding your system There are many ways to expand your entry system: you can connect your system to a television set or add more cameras, for example. TV connection You can connect the receiver to a TV set via the accessory RCA lead provided. Connect the stereo plug to the VisioCam receiver unit and plug the yellow RCA plug to the TV AV input. Set the TV channel to the default AV channel for the said RCA input (refer to TV set instructions). When the door camera is activated, the VisioCam receiver will chime and the TV will display the image of the visitor. Note: The TV needs to be set at the default channel manually in order to display the image. Auto switching function not available. Adding a door push The receiver will respond to a Visiocam door push. To program a door push into the receiver: 1. Press and hold the ‘’ button for approximately five seconds until the receiver beeps three times 2. Press the door push button until the receiver sounds. Note: The video receiver does not respond to a door push while the video screen is active. Additional door cameras The receiver will respond to up to four door cameras. Each camera must be set on a different video channel (1–4), and be programmed into the receiver. Refer to the instructions provided with the additional unit, or see ‘To reprogram or reset the receiver’, in this section. To reprogram or reset the receiver A. To add another door camera or bell push: Press and hold the ‘’ button for more than five seconds, the unit will beep three times and enter programming mode for approximately two minutes. During the two minute programming time, press the call button or button on the new unit to program it in. The unit must be within 30–60 ft. (10–20 m) of the receiver to ensure reliable programming. B. To clear all programmed data, e.g. when replacing a door camera: Press and hold both the ‘’ and ‘’ buttons in for five seconds to clear the programmed data and enter programming mode. The available chime sounds play. Follow the programming sequence under Receiver Setup. CARE AND MAINTENANCE • Fingerprints or dirt on the door camera lens can cause a dull or blurred picture. Occasionally use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the surface. Do not use cleaning products. Over-zealous or too frequent cleaning will scratch the surface and blur the picture. • Keep the receiver and charger base away from rain, liquids or risk of liquid spillage. • Do not place rings or other metal objects over the peg in the charging unit – they will become hot to the touch! • Do not allow any rain or moisture to become trapped inside the door camera, as it may damage the internal parts. • Avoid replacing door camera batteries during wet weather. • Do not take the products apart; there are precision components inside which are easily damaged. • Avoid dropping or strong shocks to either unit. • Only use the included or recommended power supply. • Do not use or store either unit in dusty, dirty areas. REPLACING THE RECEIVER BATTERIES Constant use will eventually reduce the capacity of the rechargeable batteries, and reduce the receiver life off the charger base. Replace the batteries by unscrewing the single battery cover screw at the bottom rear of the receiver. Remove the old batteries and replace with three NiMH type AA batteries with a minimum capacity of 1200mAH. Follow the battery orientation symbols in the battery compartment. Replace the battery cover and cover screw. Maintenance and use 21 Troubleshooting The system does not work… • Make sure the door camera is powered, refer to below. • Make sure the receiver is powered, refer to below. • Move the receiver closer to the door camera to receive a better signal. • If new, make ...

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