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Инструкция по эксплуатации Country Home Products, модель TLC18-CHP

Производитель: Country Home Products
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These safety devices are for your protection. • Never store machine with fuel in the fuel tank inside a building where ignition sources are present, such as hot water and space heaters, clothes dryers and the like. Allow the engine to cool before storing in any enclosure. • Always refer to the operator’s manual for important details if the machine is to be stored for an extended period. • If the fuel tank is to be drained, do this outdoors. • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for safe loading, unloading and storage of machine. • If it is necessary for any reason to unclog the feed intake or discharge openings or to inspect or repair the machine where a moving part can come in contact with your body or clothing, shut the machine off, allow all moving parts to come to a complete stop, disconnect the spark plug wire(s) and allow the engine to cool before attempting to unclog, inspect or repair. • Check the knife mounting screws at frequent intervals for proper tightness. Also visually inspect the knife for wear or damage. Replace the knife with parts that meet original equipment specifications. • Knives should be checked for sharpness and the bolts attaching them to the flywheel for tightness every 8-10 hours of operation. • Replace the nylock nuts securing the knife every time you replace the knife. • Check the gap between the knife and wear plate every time you sharpen or replace the knife, or every 8-10 hours of operation. • Never tamper with safety devices. Check their proper operation regularly. • Inspect the belt each time you use the unit. Look for damage, worn areas or tears. Do not use the unit if this condition exists. • Do not tamper with the engine’s governor setting. The governor controls the maximum safe operation speed and protects the engine. Over-speeding the engine is dangerous and will cause damage to the engine and to the other moving parts of the machine. See your authorized dealer for engine governor adjustments. • Only operate your chipper from the operator zone. • Know how to turn your unit off. • Never move your chipper or leave it unattended with the engine running. • Do not operate your chipper on concrete or blacktop. • Follow engine owner’s manual for engine maintenance and repair. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY • Restrict the use of this power machine to persons who read, understand and follow the warnings and instructions in this manual and on the machine. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. meeting applicable local or state laws (if any). arrester working order. HAZARD: This unit is equipped with an internal combustion engine and should not be used on or near any unimproved forest-covered, brush-covered or grass-covered land unless the engine’s exhaust system is equipped with a spark arrester If a spark is used, the operator should maintain it in effective In the State of California, the above is required by law (Section 4442 of the California Public Resources Code). Other states may have similar laws. Federal laws apply on federal lands. A spark arrester for the muffler is available through your Briggs & Stratton servicing dealer. SECTION II - ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS PACKAGE CONTENTS SKID PARTS BOX BOLT BAG CHIPPER CHIPPER HOPPER 7 EA – 5/16-18 X .” CARRIAGE BOLTS DISCHARGE CHUTE SWIVEL TOP 8 EA – 5/16-18 NYLOCK NUT HITCH ARMS DEFLECTOR 4 EA – 5/16 USS FLATWASHER HITCH ASSEMBLY STAND ASSEMBLY 2 EA – .-13 X 3” HHCS PARTS BOX WIRE HARNESS 4 EA – .-13 X 1 .” HHCS SAFETY GLASSES 2 EA – .-13 GRIPCO NUT 10 EA – CABLE TIES 1 EA – 3/16 HAIR COTTER PIN OWNER’S MANUAL 2 EA – HITCH ARM MOUNTING PLATES ENGINE MANUAL 2 EA – ENGINE KEY BOLT BAG 2 EA – 5/16-18 X .” HHCS KNIFE GAUGE 3 EA – 3/8” USS FLATWASHER 1EA – LOCKING KNOB TOOLS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY • .” REGULAR BOX WRENCH • .” SOCKET AND SOCKET DRIVER STEP I – UNPACKING AND CHECKING CONTENTS 1. Remove all items from the crate. 2. After unpacking the crate, compare the contents with the Package Contents list above. 3. If any parts are missing, contact Country Home Products at 800-376-9637. 4. Assembly should be done on a clean, level surface. STEP II – ASSEMBLING THE CHIPPER HOPPER 1. Assemble chipper hopper (item #20) to the basic machine using four each 5/16”-18 x 3/4” carriage bolts (item #19), 5/16” flatwashers(item #3), and 5/16”-18 nylock nuts(item #10),. Put head of bolt inside hopper with threads sticking out. Tighten all hardware with a .” wrench. STEP III – ATTACHING THE HITCH ARMS AND TRAILER HITCH ASSEMBLY 1. Attach the hitch arms (item #39, pg. 29) to the trailer frame using the two hitch arm mounting plates (item #52, pg. 29) and four 1/2”-13 x 1-1/4” HHCS (item #38, pg. 29) from the bolt bag. Do not tighten hardware at this time. 2. Attach the trailer hitch assembly (item #45 & #46, pg. 30) to the hitch arms as shown in drawing with two 1/2”- 13 x 3” HHCS (item #47, pg. 30) and two 1/2”-13 gripco lock nuts (item #42, pg. 28) from the bolt bag. Tighten all hardware at this time. 3. Slide the stand (item #51, pg 30) up ...

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