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Инструкция по эксплуатации Franke Consumer Products, модель W9223028

Производитель: Franke Consumer Products
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Be careful not to crossthread or overtighten the cartridge. 5. Carefully screw the filter body into the filter cap and wipe the housing clean with a damp cloth. The filter should now be ready for pressurisation. 6. With the tap/faucet in the on position, gradually turn the main water supply on until the flow from the tap has been stabilized. 7. Close the filtered water faucet and ensure that there is no water leaking from the system joints. 8. When the system has been confirmed watertight, open the tap and allow the water to run for a minimum of 10 minutes to remove any loose particles resulting from the manufacture of the cartridge. 9. Additionally, to allow the filter to be conditioned to the source water, allow the unit to stand unused for 24 hours and then flush for a further 10 minutes. 10. The filter is now ready for use and the filtered water can be used for drinking and preparing food. When Leaving on Vacation and to Winterize the Unit If you plan to be away from home for extended periods, or the filter housing may be subject to the risk of freezing, carry out stages 1,2 and 5. When the risk of freezing subsides and you wish to use the system again, turn the faucet on. Gradually introduce the main water supply until the flow from the tap has stabilized. Run the filtered water for 10 minutes to flush the system and check carefully for leaks. The system should now be ready for use. Allowing the unit to freeze will invalidate the product warranty. For full warranty information please visit Ltd for: Franke Kitchen Systems Division Franke Luxury Products Group 3050 Campus Drive, Suite 500 Hatfield PA 19440, USA Phone: 800 6265771 Website: Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/FrankeCP _s_ft. "O-w...

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