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Инструкция по эксплуатации Stiga, модель SILENCIUM 8217-3033-01

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1. 2. 3. 4. 3. 4. ENGLISH GB ENGLISH GB GENERAL Your garden shredder is a high-quality, efficient machine. Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure a long life of your garden shredder. Do not operate machine before having read the operating instructions, understood all the notes and assembly the machine as described here. PROPER USE The garden shredders are suitable for private use in gardens and allotments. Regarded as garden shredders for private gardens and allotments are those units which are not employed in public grounds, parks, sports grounds, andinagriculture andforestry. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Repairs on electrical parts of the machine and on the safety cut-out must be done by the producer or by a company designated by the producer. Please read the following safety instructions carefully. • Within his area of work the operator will be responsible to third parties. • The machine may not be used by operators under the age of 16. • Keepchildrenawayform machine. • Wear protective goggles, gloves and noise protection while working with the machine. • The connecting lead to DIN 57 282 (H 07 RN-F) should be equipped with a rubber plug. The lead section should be a minimum of 3 x 1,5 mm.. • Never use faulty connecting lines. • Connect the machine using a fault current protection switch. • Always switch off motor before maintenance and cleaning of shredder. Remove mains plug from socket (also during transport and when leaving machine unattended). • Do not operate without the funnel. • Faulty or damaged parts in the device must be replaced immediately. • Never reach into the filling or ejection opening when the machine is running. • Do not spray machine with water (this is hazardous due to live components). • Wear safety gloves during assembly and cleaning work. • Never modify the machine or parts thereof. • Only use the machine for the purposes listed under Section “Chopping”. • Do not leave the machine standing in the rain or use when raining. Store the machine in a dry place. ASSEMBLY See pages 4 -5. Use the enclosed disposable screws (M5 x 16) to fit the funnel (a) to the pre- assembled machine (b). Otherwise no liability will be assumed! START-UP Check that the machine is completely and correctly assembled. To avoid toppling, place the chopper on a firm horizontal surface. Connect the machine to an appropriate and correctly wired electric socket. Only use extension leads with sufficient diameters: -cable up to 25 metres: diameter at least 1,5 mm.. -cable over 25 metres: diameter at least 2,5 mm.. Fuse protection: -for model 2000: 16 A inert Before using the shredder, make sure each time that: -there are no faulty connections (tears, cuts, etc.) -all screws are tight. ENGLISH GB ENGLISH GB CHANGING THE DIRECTION OF ROTATION Always switch the device off, wait until it comes to a standstill and shift the safety catch before changing the direction of rotation. safety catch left position: cutting rollers run backwards and release blocked shredding material right position: cutting rollers draw in and cut shredding material Switch on: Turn On-Off switch to “I”. Switch off: Turn On-Off switch to “0”. CHOPPING What can I chop? Yes: -all types of branches. -withered garden refuse which has lain a number of days. Only shred in alternation with branches. -hard wood, though only with sharp cutter. No: -glass, metal, plastic, plastic bags, stones, cloth, roots with soil. -refuse which does not have a solid consistency, e.g. kitchen waste. SPECIAL TIPS ON CHOPPING Please do not exceed the maximum branch diameter specified for your appliance (see page 38). Branches, twigs and wood should be broken down immediately after they have been cut. Material of this kinds gets very hard when it is dry, and it therefore makers sense to reduce the maximum branch diameters, so that it is ready for chopping. Remove any side shoots from branches with a large number of twigs. The cutter automatically draws the shredding material into the machine through the slow rotation of the cutting rollers. If the machine is overloaded, a protective motor switch ensures that the machine turns itself off automatically: -turn the shredder on again after about 5 minutes. -during those five minutes you cannot turn the machine on. See “Operational faults”. AUTOMATIC SWITCH-OVER IN THE DIRECTION OF ROTATION If the unit suddenly clogs, the blades may start to turn in the opposite direction and push the shredded material back out. -switch off unit. -wait until the blades come to a standstill. -switch unit back on and use material which is easier to process. ADJUSTING THE SHAVING PLATE The cutting mechanism is adjusted in the works and does not have to be set during initial commissioning. Switch on device (switch top right position) Adjusting knob Turn adjusting knob in a clockwise direction with the motor running until scraping noises are heard and fine aluminium chips fall out of the delivery chute. Worn points on the shaving plate are opt...

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