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Инструкция по эксплуатации GBC, модель SHREDMASTER 1236SE

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The shredding of other metal items may damage the shredder. Plastic materials such as charge cards, covers, inserts, and film may be shredded occasionally, however, extended shredding of such materials will prematurely dull the cutters. The shredder control panel is shown in Figure 4.0.1. To start shredding, press the white "ON" push button and feed the paper to be shredded into the throat of the shredder. Never exceed the maximum capacity of the shredder. To turn the shredder off press the red "OFF/REV" push button. When the shred bag becomes full, the bag sensor flap will automatically turn the shredder off. To resume shredding push the shreds down into the bag or replace it, and then press the white "ON" push button. If too much paper is inserted into the feed throat, the shredder will automatically reverse to eject the paper, and turn off. To resume shredding, reduce the number of sheets to be shredded and depress the white "ON" push button. To clear a severe jam that is not automatically ejected by the shredder, reverse the shredder by depressing the "OFF/REVERSE” push button while pulling firmly on the paper in the throat, or rock the paper through the cutters by alternately depressing the white "ON" and red "OFF/REVERSE" push buttons. In cases of severe jams the thermal overload circuit of the motor may be triggered and the unit will appear to be "dead". Wait a few minutes and allow the motor to cool and then clear the jam. Figure 4.0.1 5 5.0 TROUBLESHOOTING 5.1 Principles of Operation The shredder uses rapidly rotating cutting shafts that are driven by an electric motor to shred paper. Both electrical and mechanical principals are involved. 5.1.1 Electrical Operation The electrical schematic diagram and the electrical wiring diagram for the 115 VAC shredders are shown in figures 5.4 and 5.5 respectively. The electrical circuit is comprised of the following electrical components. 1. Flap switch (SI). The flap switch interrupts the current path through the hot leg of the circuit if activated by a full shred bag. 2. Relay (Rl). The relay is active in the "ON" mode only. The coil of the relay is energized initially by depressing the "ON" push button of the main control switch (S3). When the relay is activated, power is supplied to two current paths. The first current path is from the hot leg of the circuit through the reverse switch (S2), main control switch (S3), and coil of the relay to the neutral leg of the circuit. This current path keeps the relay activated when the "ON" push button of the main control switch is released. The second current path is from the hot leg to the neutral leg of the circuit, through two parallel circuits. The first circuit is through the run coil of the motor (Ml), the second is through the main control switch (S3), starting capacitor (Cl), start coil of the motor (Ml). 3. Reverse (S2). The reverse switch is in series with the the coil of the relay. When this switch is activated, it opens to interrupt the current path through the relay coil, turning the shredder off. 6 5,0 TROUBLESHOOTING (Continued) 5.1.1 Electrical Operation (Continued) 4. Motor (Ml). The motor is a single phase, 200 Watt, continuous duty, AC motor with both a run coil and start coil. A centrifugal switch is in series with the start coil. The centrifugal switch is closed when the...

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