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Инструкция по эксплуатации Buhler, модель ZMT 160

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It is mandatory to follow these instructions in order to prevent situations that could endanger the operator’s and other people’s safety, and to ensure the correct functioning of the shredder. If you have questions, call “FERRI” after-sales service or a specialized “FERRI” dealer. 1.2 Identifying the Machine Each shredder has an identification plate attached; the data necessary to identify the model and the serial number to order spare parts or after-sales service are both stamped on the plate (see Figure 1) Figure 1 1.3 It is strongly recommended to use genuine “FERRI” spare parts to avoid altering the technical features of the shredder. “FERRI” is not responsible for any damage or injuries to people due to unauthorized modifications or to the use of non-genuine spare parts. 2 ZMT Owner’s Manual 2 TECHNICAL FEATURES 2.1 FERRI shredders have been designed to shred materials growing or laying on the ground, e.g. grass, bushes, sticks and shrubs up to .8”. diameter (proper use). Any other use is considered improper and the manufacturer disclaims all responsibility for any consequential injuries to people or for damage to the machine. “Proper use” also refers to the safety and maintenance rules provided by the manufacturer. Technical Names (Figure 2) Figure 2 1 -PTO Shaft 10 -Ram To Adjust Flail Head 2 -Levers To Adjust Flail Head 11 -Stand 3 -Gearbox 12 -Arms For Side Movement 4 -Pulleys 13 -Joint Pin 5 -Belts 14 -3-Point Linkage 6 -Frame 15 -Ram For Side Movement 7 -Rotor 16 -Front Guard 8 -Flails 17 -Side Guard 9 -Roller This machine is in conformity with the following provisions of law: • Directive Machine 89/392/CEE and following additions: 91/368/CEE, 93/44/CEE and 93/68/CEE; • Regulations UNI EN 292/1 and 292/2 (machinery safety); • DPR 27th April’1955, N. 547 (Rules for the prevention of industrial accidents). 3 ZMT Owner’s Manual 2.2 Technical Specifications (Table 1) Table 1 Model ZMT 160 ZMT 180 ZM T200 Width of cut ft. 63” 71” 79” Min. Tractor required power HP 50 - 60 60 - 70 70 - 80 Min. Tractor Weight 4818 5256 5694 PTO speed rpm 540 540 540 Max. Absorbed Power* HP 32 52 52 Weight Machine / Weight PTO Shaft lbs. 984 / 53 1178 / 53 1237 / 53 3-point linkage cat. II III II III II III Rotor Speed rpm 2430 2510 2510 Multi-Use Flails num. 40 48 48 Hammer Flails num. 20 24 24 Max. Pressure psi 2750 2750 2750 Dimensions A - Width in. 63” 71” 79” B - Length in. 35” 37” 37” C - Height in. 17” 19” 19” D - Total Height in. 26” 28” 28” E - Total Width in. 70” 77” 85” * When the absorbed power exceeds the maximum power indicated in Table 1 it is recommended to use a PTO clutch (torque limiter). 2.3 Noise The sound level of this machine, as measured at the operator’s position, ranges from 75 dB to 77.2 dB when the cab is closed, and from 81.9 to 83.4 dB when the rear window is open. The acoustic power level is LWA 102.5. When the sound level perceivable at the operator’s position ranges from 85 dB and 90 dB, the use of ear protectors is recommended. 4 ZMT Owner’s Manual 2.4 Width of Cut Figure 3 shows the width of cut of the shredder. Dimensions are shown in Table 2. Figure 3 Table 2 Model ZMT 160 ZMT 180 ZMT 200 A 63” 71” 79” C 88” 96” 104” G 73” 76” 76” H 25” 25” 25” I 69” 72” 72” L 63” 63” 63” 2.5 Optional Equipment 2.5.1 Flails Depending on the different crops to be cut, suitable flails can be fitted and used: • Articulated flails for grass, shrubs, sticks and bushes of up to 1.2” in diameter. • Forged hammer blades for grass, twigs, shrubs, bushed up to 1.2” in diameter. 5 ZMT Owner’s Manual 3 GENERAL SAFETY RULES 3.1 General Safety Rules: • It is mandatory to read and follow the instructions from the use and maintenance manual before carrying out any operation or moving the shredder. Improper use or moving it improperly may seriously damage property and harm people. • Both the operator and maintenance fitter must know the shredder well, especially regarding dangers resulting from improper use or incorrect repairs. • Before starting, check the tractor and shredder in regards to functionality, road safety and accident prevention rules. • Even when using the shredder correctly, stones or other objects may be thrown a long distance. Therefore, nobody should be standing within the danger area. Special attention must be paid when working near roads or buildings. • Use tractor with cabs. • The condition of flails and of all guards must be checked before beginning the daily work. They must be replaced if damaged or missing. • During checks or repairs, make sure nobody can start the shredder by mistake. • Never wear loose or fluttering clothes. • Never carry passengers on the tractor. • Never carry passengers on the shredder. • Never enguage the PTO with the engine stopped. • Never approach the shredder until the rotor has completely stopped. • Do not enter the working zone of the PTO shaft while it is in motion. It is dangerous to approach the rotating parts of the machine. • Keep the PTO shaft guard in good wo...

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