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Инструкция по эксплуатации Sears, модель WaterWorks RO 2000

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It has a hand operated, spring loaded lever to keep the faucet closed and to prevent waste. You can keep the faucet open by pushing upward on the lever and locking it against the spout. To meet plumbing codes, an air-gap is built into the faucet drain water tubes. The air-gap prevents a back siphon of drain water. MONITOR -When the faucet is opened, lights on the faucet base show how the RO system is working. • FLASHING GREEN -The RO system is giving you high quality product water. NOTE: The green light may stop flashing when the supply of RO water is nearly gone, and flow from the faucet decreases. This is a normal condition. • FLASHING AMBER "FILT" -The prefilter cartridge and postfilter need replacing. Also replace the control box batteries...see page 14. This - CARE OF YOUR HOME To keep your Home Drinking Water System working and making high quality water, you must make sure supply water is always within the limits shown on page 17. This gives you the longest life from the PREFILTER CARTRIDGE, RO MEMBRANE CARTRIDGE, and POSTFILTER. Each of these will wear out in time and need replacing. CAUTION: BEFORE WORKING ON THE SYSTEM, DO THE FOLLOWING TO RELIEVE WATER PRESSURE IN THE RO TANK. la. Turn off the water supply to the RO (turn the supply saddle valve all the way inward...FIG. 7). b. Open the product water faucet and keep open until water flow stops. light comes on after 6 months, or after 900 gallons of product water use. FLASHING AMBER "RO" -The RO membrane cartridge needs replacing. (BE SURE TO REPLACE BA-I-FERIES...SEE ABOVE, TO ASSURE PROPER "RO" LIGHT OPERATION.) The RO light comes on when the RO membrane no longer removes at least 75% of the TDS from the water supply. NOTE: Disregard the "RO" light when it flashes for a few seconds at a time. AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF -When the storage area has filled with product water, and the RO faucet is closed, the automatic shutoff is forced closed. Water flow through the system is stopped before it can enter the RO module, preventing continued flow to the drain. The shutoff remains closed, and water is saved, until the faucet is opened again. CHECK VALVE -A check valve (FIG. 8) is built into the product water outlet of the RO housing. The check valve prevents a backward flow of product water, from the storage area, to the membrane. A backward flow could rupture the RO membrane. FLOW CONTROL -The flow control (FIG. 9) keeps flow through the RO cartridge at the needed rate for high quality product water. A cone shaped screen fits over the flow control to help prevent plugging with drain water sediments. DRINKING WATER SYSTEM the water, disconnect the posffilter and empty the storage bladder. , Looking at FIG. 9, or page 18, remove the protective cap and depress the relief valve stem, allowing air to ENTER the tank (do not block valve passage). Release the valve stem AFTER flow from the shutoff valve slows to a slight drip. Replace the protective cap. CAUTION: This valve is for vacuum relief only. DO NOT attempt to pressurize the tank. 3. Reconnect the postfilter. c. Using a 2 gallon (minimum) container to catch 12 -CARE OF YOUR HOME DRINKING WATER SYSTEM PREFILTER CARTRIDGE -You must replace the prefilter cartridge often to protect the RO membrane from being destroyed bychlorine, and/or from plugging with sediments from the water supply. If you have chlorine in the water, replace the cartridge at least every 6 months. If the prefilter cartridge plugswith sediments, water flow intothe RO system drops, slowing the making of quality RO water. The RO membrane may also begin to plug with sediments. If this happens, you may not get enough RO water for your needs. NOTE: The amber "FILT" light on the faucet base will begin to flash after 6 months or 900 gallons of product water use to tell you the filter cartridge needs replacing. cone screen control RO Cap __ _riu:;w_ L_dbg_n e protective vacuum cap _ o-ring end down relief prefilter BOTTOM END (2) --..clamp section (2) electronic box POSTFILTER -Always replace the postfilter at the same time you replace the prefilter cartridge. The postfilter gives the product water a final filtering of any tastes and/or odors that may remain. TO REPLACE THE POSTFILTER CAUTION: BE SURE TO RELIEVE PRESSURE, STEPS 1, 2 AND 3, Bo'n'OM OF PAGE 12. 1. Disconnect tubing at both ends (Fig. 9). 2. Pull the filter from the holder and remove fittings from both ends. 3. Observing the flow arrow, on new filter, turn the fittings (use Teflon tape) into both ends. The elbow fitting installs at the bottom end, or outlet. 4. Replace filter into the holder and reconnect the tubing at both ends. TO REPLACE THE PREFILTER CARTRIDGE CAUTION: BE SURETO RELIEVE PRESSURE, STEPS 1, 2 AND 3, BOTTOM OF PAGE 12. IMPORTANT: BE SURE YOUR HANDS ARE CLEAN BEFORE WORKING ON RO SYSTEM INTERNAL PARTS. 1. Remove the clamp retainers and clamp sections (Fig. 9). 2. Separate the cap from the RO housing (no need to disconnect tubing) and set aside. NOTE: If the cap o-ring seal ...

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