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Инструкция по эксплуатации Viking Access Systems, модель Vehicular Gate Opener X-9

Производитель: Viking Access Systems
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Use Table C (below) as a guide. 3. Use XLP (cross-linked-polyethylene) type of wire. This wire reduces the effects of moisture and other environmental events in altering the functionality of the vehicular loop detector. 4. Twist the lead wire at least 6 turns per foot. 5. Use BACKER-ROD to minimize damage to the loop detector wire prior to using the sealant. 6. Place the loop detector wire and adjust the sensitivity of the vehicular loop detector unit in a way to minimize the effects of the gate over the loop detector wire. IMPORTANT – Some of the following parameters may affect the proper functionality of the vehicular loop detector (consult the installation manual and the manufacturer of the vehicular loop detector). • Gate size, • Number of turns in the loop sensor wire; • Distance from the loop sensor wire to the gate either at the open or close position. Saw Cut 1" Min. Sealant Backer-Rod Vehicular Loop Detector Wire (3 Turns Shown) Table C – Recommended Number of Turns Perimeter in Feet Number of Turns 10 5 20 4 30-40 3 50-100 2 Twist Wire Outside the Loop 6 Twists/Foot Until Its Connection to the Loop Detector 1/8" to 1/4" Saw Slot Provide Additional Saw Cuts to Eliminate Sharp Corners Continuously Wind Wire in Loop Slot for the Required Number of Loops (2 Loops Shown) TECHNICAL SUPPORT 1 800 908 0884 21 ACCESSORY CONNECTIONS Y CONNECTIONSY CONNECTIONS Open Commands 1 2 Connection Locations (Single Unit Board shown) Loop ConnectorOpen CommandsGuard Station StopOpenGndFireGndStrikeGndExitGndCenterGnd Exit Loop Detector Fire Override Keypad FIRE Safety Connections 1 Vehicle loop detectors must be installed to decrease the possibility of vehicle entrapment on the gate (see page 20). The SECONDARY ENTRAPMENT PROTECTION like the edge sensor and the photoelectric beam MUST BE PART OF EVERY SINGLE INSTALLATION to prevent pedestrian or animal entrapment (see pages 6 and 7). The edge sensor and/or the photoelectric beam must be UL325 compliant devices. Loop ConnectorOpen Commands GndExitGndCenterGndReopenGndULGnd+28vGnd Center Loop Detector Reopen Loop Detector Photo Beam Edge Sensor 2 Reopen Photo Beam As an alternative to the Outside Reopen Loop, a photo beam unit can be used as shown.Loop ConnectorOpen Commands GndExitGndCenterGndReopenGndULGnd+28vGnd Photo Beam Inside Outside TECHNICAL SUPPORT 1 800 908 088422 ACCESSORY CONNECTIONS Y CONNECTIONSY CONNECTIONS Radio Receiver When connecting the Radio Receiver carefully verify the proper connections. The maximum voltage that the control board provides for external accessories is the maximum voltage of the battery, which is about 28 volts. In the event of an electrical short the board will protect itself by shutting down and will remain shut down until the short is corrected. Radio StationLoop Connector GndULGnd+28vGndRadioGnd+28v +28v MAG. LOCN.C. COM N.O. The control board provides two modes of operation that a radio receiver can control the gate: Open-Stop-Close 1. By having the radio receiver connected as illustrated and with the Hold Open Timer OFF (see below): Every command of the radio transmitter will control the gate as follow: a) First command opens the gate, b) Second command stops the gate and c) Third command closes the gate d) Any subsequent commands will continue in the same order to control the gate. This type of configuration is not recommended for a commercial installations. Open Only 2. By having the radio receiver connected as illustrated and with the Hold Open Timer ON (see below): Each command of the radio transmitter is ALWAYS AN OPEN COMMAND to the gate. External Accessories COM NO Gnd +24VDC 1Hold Open Timer 1 2 Connection Locations (Single Unit Board shown) Hold Open Timer Stop Hold Open Timer Open 30 60Off 1 2 The Hold Open Timer function holds the gate at the open position for a predetermined amount of time, prior to closing automatically. Set the Timer to the desired time, from 1 to 60 seconds. If this feature is not needed, turn the Trim Pot clockwise to the “off” position. Note: The Hold Open Timer affects the “radio receiver command” and the sequence of operation for the gate (see page 23). TECHNICAL SUPPORT 1 800 908 0884 23 24 TECHNICAL SUPPORT 1 800 908 0884 MM--22™ VVIIKKIINNGG EELLEECCTTRROOMMAAGGNNEETTIICC LLOOCCKK This Magnetic Lock is an OPTIONAL ACCESORY available from Viking Access Systems. Please order part number VA-MAG13. Mounting Plate/Juction Box (Weld to Post) Mounting Plate (Weld to Gate) Set Screw (Locks Floating Plate Mounting Screw) Floating Plate Mounting Screw 24 Volt DC Transformer (Supplied with Lock Kit) Cover Plate Cover Plate Mounting Screw (4) Magnetic Lock Mounting Screw (4) Mounting Screw Weather Cover (4) Flexible Washer Spacer (0 to 3) Use to adjust gap between Floating Plate and Magnetic Lock Guide Pin (2) Use long or short pin depending on number of spacers used Floating Plate 3.000" to 3.125" (example) 10.625" 7.5" 2.100" Mounting Plate/ Juction Box Mounting Plate Magnetic Lock Floating Plate ...

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