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Инструкция по эксплуатации Amtrol, модель WELL-X-TROL WX-401

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This allows you to use the Well- X-Trol® “principle of separation of air and water” on larger jobs that are beyond the typical residential range. The Well-X-Trol® models we’ll be working with in this handbook are listed in Table 1. The design features of these larger models allow us to apply them more creatively than the smaller residential models found in the Well-X-Trol® 100, 200, and 250 series. The Larger Well-X-Trol®s are Designed and Built for Maximum Acceptance on Each Operating Cycle In the smaller residential Well-X-Trol®s, the design is for basic intermittent use and for the usually found in residential applications. Standard pressure ranges of (20) PSIG (between pump cut-in and pump cut-out) are used. In these applications, full use of the maximum acceptance volume of the Well-X-Trol® is rarely required to meet job conditions. WX Model No. NON-CODE (NON-ASME) WX Model No. CODE (ASME) Total Volume (Gallons) Maximum Acceptance Volume (Gallons) Maximum Acceptance Factor (MAF) WX-401 WX-401-C 17.5 11.25 .65 WX–402 WX–402-C 25 11.25 .45 WX-403 WX-403-C 34 11.25 .33 WX-404 WX-404-C 68 34 .50 WX-405 WX-405-C 90 34 .39 WX-406 WX-406-C 110 34 .31 WX-407 WX-407-C 132 46 .35 WX-421 Not available 158 103 .65 WX-422 Not available 211 137 .65 WX-423 Not available 264 172 .65 WX-424 Not available 317 206 .65 WX-426 Not available 422 274 .65 WX-427 Not available 528 343 .65 WX-447 WX-447-C 53 34 .65 WX-448 WX-448-C 80 52 .65 WX-449 WX-449-C 106 69 .65 WX-450 WX-450-C 132 86 .65 WX-451 WX-451-C 158 102 .65 WX-452 WX-452-C 211 136 .65 WX-453 WX-453-C 264 170 .65 WX-454 WX-454-C 317 205 .65 WX-455 WX-455-C 370 239 .65 WX-456 WX-456-C 422 273 .65 WX-457 WX-457-C 528 341 .65 Table 1. Based on 30 PSIG pre-charge (P1) Utilizing the Maximum Capacity of Full Acceptance Well-X-Trol®s Series 400, 420, 440 and 450 When used with conventional pressure ranges, these Well-X-Trol models use only a fraction of their maximum capacity. For Example: A WX-423 with a total volume of (275) gallons will accept the following: at 30/50 – (85) gallons or 30.9% at 40/60 – (74) gallons or 26.7% By using the maximum acceptance of series 420 and 450 Well-X-Trol®, you can replace very large, cumbersome galvanized tanks. Let’s Compare: A 900 gallon galvanized tank is (48.) in diameter; (168.) long, and weighs approximately (10,000) pounds when filled with water. Aside from initial cost, the cost of rigging and handling a tank of that size; (providing adequate support and the cost of space required) significantly adds to the overall installation cost. Requires Air Control Since at the higher pressures, the galvanized tank will waterlog at an accelerated rate, some provision must be made to maintain the required air cushion. This means the cost of an air compressor or other means of recharging must be added to the installation. On the Other Hand The WX-423 has a total volume of only (275) gallons; is only (36.) in diameter; and (84.) high. When filled with water (to the 65% maximum acceptance) it only weighs (1489) pounds. It can be easily handled by two men, requires no support structures and occupies a fraction of the space of the galvanized tank. Since the Well-XTrol ®’s air cushion is sealed-in, there is no need for external air compressors or control devices. If we can use the maximum acceptance of the 420 and 450 Series Well-X-Trol®, we can service much larger jobs…with large pumps, without paying the penalty of higher installation and maintenance costs. -2 Step One – Determine the Best Operating Pressure Range – Pump Cut-In (P2) to Pump Cut-Out (P3): GROUND LEVEL STATIC WATER LEVEL PUMPING LEVEL OR LIFT PUMP DEPTH WELL DEPTH 240 FT. (In example) The first thing we must do in sizing the bladder is to determine the best pressure range that will achieve maximum acceptance. . We can be accurate by letting the pump tell us at which maximum range it will operate best. If we look at the pump curve for the pump which is to be installed…we can easily determine the pump cut-in pressure (P2) and pump cut-out pressure (P3) that will give us the widest range. 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 20 40 60 80TOTAL HEAD IN FEET EFFICIENCY % EFF. CAPACITY IN GPM For example, if we look at a typical pump curve for a (15) HP – (85) GPM submersible pump – we can select a pump cut-in and cut-out point on the curve which will provide optimum pump operation. The pump curve shows pump performance as its pressure rises from cut-off ((0) head in test) to maximum head in feet. On this curve, for a (15) Hp (85) GPM pump we can see that at approximately (100) feet the pump stops pumping and will pump up to (660) feet of head. What we want to determine is at which point on the curve do we want to have the pump cut-in, and at which point on the curve do we want it to cut-out. The pump operates in its best efficiency range at the mid-range of the curve. The cut-in point can’t be too low on the curve, as this would cause inefficient operation. We should c...

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