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Инструкция по эксплуатации Amtrol, модель WELL-X1

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As in all plumbing products and water storage vessels, bacteria can grow in this Product, especially during times of non-use. Consult your local plumbing professional regarding any steps you may wish to take to safely disinfect your home’s plumbing system. DANGER! EXPLOSION HAZARD, WHEN THE WELL-X1™ HAS BEEN IN SERVICE AND A CHANGE TO A HIGHER PRE-CHARGE PRESSURE IS NECESSARY DUE TO A REQUIRED CHANGE IN THE PRESSURE SWITCH SETTING, FAILURE TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTION MANUAL CAN CAUSE A RUPTURE OR EXPLOSION, POSSIBLY CAUSING SERIOUS OR FATAL INJURY, AND/OR PROPERTY DAMAGE. • DO NOT ADJUST THE PRE-CHARGE PRESSURE IF THERE HAS BEEN A REDUCTION OF THE PUMP CYCLE TIME OR THE PRE-CHARGE PRESSURE COMPARED TO ITS INITIAL SETTING. THIS IS BECAUSE REDUCTION IN PUMP CYCLE TIME CAN RESULT FROM LOSS OF TANK AIR PRESSURE WHICH IN TURN CAN MEAN THERE MAY BE INTERNAL CORROSION AND ANY RE-PRESSURIZATION OR ADDITIONAL PRESSURE COULD RESULT IN RUPTURE OR EXPLOSION, AND/OR PROPERTY DAMAGE. RELIEF VALVE REQUIRED. A relief valve has been installed which is set to open at excessive pressures (100 psig or more). This will protect the Well-X1™ and other system components should the pressure switch malfunction and fail to shut the pump off. The relief valve is installed at the connection of the Well-X1™ to the system piping. Before attempting any service and disassembly, shut off power to the pump. Ensure power is disconnected prior to removing motor. Ensure power is disconnected before cleaning is attempted. This control is capable of running pumps to pressures that may exceed the limitations of system components. Never set the operation pressure higher than that of the safe system capacity. This control can be adjusted to a narrow pressure differential. This can cause the pump to cycle rapidly with an improperly sized tank, leading to pump damage. This may require a larger pressure tank than normally used. CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: This product contains a chemical known by the State of California to cause cancer and to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. (California Installer/Contractor - California law requires that this notice be given to consumer/ end user of this product.) For more information: amtrol.com/prop65/htm Every Well-X1™ is air tested to 125 psig, the maximum working pressure for the Well-X1™. The pump controller is not a disconnect. The pump may be activated at any time. The electrical system must be considered energized at all times unless the circuit breaker is open. The disconnect for the controller must break all incoming power lines. As with a mechanical pressure switch, when installed with three wire 230 vac pumps or any 3-phase pump, a standard pump motor starter or a relay must be used. 2 3 3. COMPONENTS The Well-X1™ combines all the standard well tank components in a single, easy to install package. The pressure tank, control and tank fittings are factory-installed. After removing from the carton, inspect the Well-X1™ for damage and ensure all components are present. COVER RELIEF VALVE CONDUIT HOLES MOUNTING KNOB AIR CHARGING VALVE WATER CONNECTIONS(2) PUMP & POWER WIRES PRESSURE SENSOR TUBING CONTROL MOUNTING BRACKET TANK TUBING PRESSURE TANK DRAIN 4 4. INSTALLATION AND SIZING CONSIDERATIONS The Well-X1™ functions like a traditional pressure switch by cycling the pump on and off. The factory pressure settings are 40 psi cut-in and 60 psi cut-out. The controller allows these settings to be adjusted to best suit the application. The Well-X1™ can operate in two primary modes: A. STANDARD OPERATION Using a standard 20 psi differential, the Well-X1™ can be sized according to the chart below. In this application, the sizing and performance will be similar to a traditional pressure tank and mechanical switch combination. WELL-X1™ SELECTION FOR STANDARD SYSTEMS Control Setting (cut-in/cut-out) (psi) 30/50 40/60 50/70 60/80 PUMP GPM 4 WX1-202 WX1-202 WX1-202 WX1-202 5 WX1-202 WX1-202 WX1-202 WX1-203 7 WX1-203 WX1-203 WX1-203 WX1-203 10 WX1-203 WX1-250 WX1-250 WX1-251 12 WX1-250 WX1-250 WX1-251 WX1-251 15 WX1-251 WX1-251 WX1-302 WX1-302 18 WX1-251 WX1-302 WX1-302 WX1-302 20 WX1-302 WX1-302 WX1-302 - B. CONSTANT PRESSURE MODE The Well-X1™ control allows a narrow differential to provide consistent water pressure. The factory 20 psi differential can be reduced so the cut-in and cut-out pressures are within 10 psi. When installed as a constant pressure system, the chart below should be used to ensure the tank volume is sufficient to provide adequate cycle protection. WELL-X1™ SELECTION FOR CONSTANT PRESSURE Control Setting (cut-in/cut-out) (psi) 40/50 50/60 60/70 70/80 PUMP GPM 4 - WX1-203 WX1-203 WX1-203 5 WX1-203 WX1-203 WX1-250 WX1-250 7 WX1-250 WX1-250 WX1-251 WX1-251 10 WX1-251 WX1-251 WX1-302 WX1-302 12 WX1-251 WX1-302 WX1-302 WX1-302 15 WX1-302 WX1-302 - - The maximum working pressure of the Well-X1™ is 125 psig. Do not exceed the maximum working pressure. 5. INSTALLATION CONSIDERATIONS LOCATI...

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