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Инструкция по эксплуатации Kenmore, модель WaterWorks RO 2000

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Locate clamp A (turn handle in to align pin if pre- drilled hole) and clamp B on the pipe. Fasten in place using 2 screws. Tighten each screw evenly, STEP 2 --INSTALL THE • Before beginning, be sure to read the note on page 5. • The drain adapter fits 1-1/2" sink drain pipe. • The adapter installs directly onto the s(nk tailpiece as typically shown in fig. A and B. • Locate so drain tubing from the faucet (FIG. 7, page 10) makes a straight run to the adapter, without dips, loops, low spots or kinks. WATER SUPPLY SADDLE VALVE NOTE: In Massachusetts, use plumb4ng code 248-0MR. COLD CHECK LOCAL WATER CODES FOR PIPE APPROVAL CLAMP A VALVE CLAMP B HANDLE but do not overtighten and crush the pipe. 4. Turn the valve handle inward to make a hole in the copper or plastic pipe. DO NOT TURN ON THE WATER SUPPLY AT THIS TIME. NOTE: BE SURE THE VALVE HANDLE PACKING NUT IS TIGHT. DRAIN ADAPTER AB drain continued on page 7 6 -HOW TO INSTALL YOUR HOME DRINKING WATER SYSTEM INSTALL THE DRAIN ADAPTER • Use FIG. 3 and the following guides. Note: Consult a plumber plumbing procedures• if you are not familiar with 1. Use a ferrule and nut to assemble the drain tubing connector to the drain adapter. Turn the connector to about 45 ° from the 12:00 position, as shown (to 10:00 or 2:00 position). Tighten the nut securely. 2. Carefully disassemble the sink drain pipe and clean the tailpiece to assure a leak-tight fit• 3. Install the drain adapter onto the sink tailpiece, using a ferrule and nut. Snug the nut, but do not tighten. ferrule O drain adapter ferrule Note: If needed, to make fit, you can cut to shorten the unthreaded end of the adapter. Do not cut too short so the adapter will make a leak-tight seal with the connecting fitting. 4. Assemble the p-trap to the drain adapter, and other drain pipe fittings as required (check codes) to complete the drain run. 5. Tighten all connections. cut, if2t needed _ drain tubing connector nut I _ o45 // STEP 3 u PREPARE MOUNTING A. PREPARE MOUNTING HOLE. 1. Pick 1 of the following places for the faucet where it will fit flat against the surface. Be sure you have room underneath for the tubing connections (FIG. 7, page 10). •..in a hole already in the sink (enlarge to 1-1/4" diameter if needed) to use for an extra faucet or spray. ...drill a hole (1-1/4" diameter) in the sink top. CAUTION: TO AVOID DAMAGING A SINK HOLE, ASSEMBLE FAUCET AND INSTALL BEYOND REPAIR, CONSULT A QUALIFIED PLUMBER OR INSTALLER FOR GUIDES BEFORE DRILLING HOLES IN PORCELAIN OR STAINLESS STEEL. •.. drill a hole (1-1/4" diameter) in the countertop next to the sink. 2. Drill the mounting hole. 3. Place plumbers putty around the edge of the hole to prevent water leakage around the faucet base. 7 -HOW TO INSTALL YOUR HOME ASSEMBLE FAUCET AND INSTALL -continued B. ASSEMBLE FAUCET (FIG. 4) 1. Remove the hex nut, and all other parts shown in the dotted line box, FIG. 4. 2. Insert the faucet stud through the top gasket and faucet base. Then, replace the hex nut and tighten. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN AND BREAK THE FAUCET BASE. NOTE: The faucet may include some small parts that are not used. 3. Wet the o-rings (2) on the faucet spout. Push the spout into the faucet body until it bottoms in the cavity. C. FASTEN FAUCET IN PLACE 1. Looking at FIG. 5A, locate the faucet support and gasket over the sink or countertop mounting hole. NOTE: First, breakout small button and save for use in step 10. 2. Turn the special nuts (FIG. 5B) a few turns onto the 1-3/8" long screws. 3. Place a screw into a notch in the faucet support, with the nut on the underside of the mounting hole (FIG. 5C). Use a finger to hold the nut and tighten the screw until snug. In the same manner, install the second screw and nut. BE SURE THE SUPPORT IS POSITIONED CORRECTLY, THEN TIGHTEN BOTH SCREWS EVENLY UNTIL THE SUPPORT IS HELD FIRMLY IN PLACE. 4. As shown in FIG. 6, insert the washer into the tubing adaptor. Turn the adaptor onto the faucet stud, and tighten. 5. Move the RO assembly into installation position under the sink, or other desired location. Route the 2 lengths of tubing, marked "FAUCET", and "1/4" BARB ON FAUCET", from the bottom, upward through the mounting hole and faucet support (FIG. 6). 6. Using the brass tubing nut, fasten the 3/8"tubing (marked "FAUCET") to the tubing adaptor and DRINKING WATER SYSTEM FAUCET AND BASE ASSEMBLED faucet body button (use in step 10) faucet suppod A screw (2) nut (2)_,._ gasket / plumbers putty mounting hole C TOP VIEW screw (2) N _1/ mounting _ hole _)" nut (underside "of mounting hole) faucet support 8 -HOW TO INSTALL YOUR HOME tighten the nut. NOTE: Cut tubing as needed for neat appearance, but keep long enough to alllow easy service of the RO system. 7. If needed, cut the 1/4" tubing (marked "1/4" BARB ON FAUCET") to length. Then, push the end all the way onto the 1/4" barb fiting on the faucet. 8. Take the 27" long separate piece of 3/8" tubing and pass 1 end down through the faucet support. Push the other end all the...

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