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Инструкция по эксплуатации Axion, модель ZT2142

Производитель: Axion
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27 SERVICE AIR FILTER & PRE-CLEANER - 18.5 & 21 HP ENGINES NOTE: Air filter configuration may differ from shown. Consult engine manual for further information. Interval: Pre-Cleaner: Every 25 hours or as required. Air Filter: Every 50 hours or as required. Replacement Interval: Pre-Cleaner: As required. Air Filter: Every 200 hours or once per season. Air Filter Removal & Installation 1. Lift up on the bottom of the latch (A, Figure 37 or 38) and flip the latch away from the cover. 2. Remove the cover (B). Remove the filter (C, Figure 38) and pre-cleaner (D). 3. Install the pre-cleaner (D) with the mesh side up. Install the filter (C) as shown. 4. Install the cover (B, Figure 38) making sure the tabs are inserted into their slots. Secure with the latch (A). B. Air Filter Cover A. Air Filter Latch Single Cylinder Models Air Filter Assembly - Briggs & Stratton Figure 37.3. Not for 1. 2. A B A B A B A C D B Figure 38. Air Filter Service - Briggs & Stratton Single Cylinder Models A. Air Filter Latch B. Air Filter Cover C. Air Filter D. Pre-Cleaner 28 A A A A Figure 39. Air Filter Cover Figure 40. Air Filter Removal A. Air Filter Cover Screws A. Filter Cartridge SERVICE AIR FILTER 26HP ENGINES NOTE: Air filter configuration may differ from shown. Consult engine manual for further information. Service Interval: Every 25 hours or as required. 1. Loosen the air filter cover screws (A, Figure 39) and remove the air filter cover. 2. Locate the air filter cartridge (A, Figure 40). Pull up on the front edge of the cartridge until it snaps out of place. 3. Inspect the cartridge for dirt or damage. If the thin foam sleeve surrounding the filter is damaged, replace the filer. DO NOT oil the foam sleeve or cartridge. If there is oil of heavy dirt on the cartridge, replace it. DO NOT use pressurized air or solvents to clean the filter cartridge. Remove any dirt from the air filter housing. 4. Replace the cartridge by aligning the hole of the cartridge with the air vent (A, Figure 41). 5. Push the cartridge in toward the engine until it snaps into place. 6. Reinstall the air filter cover and tighten the screws (A, Figure 39). Not for A Figure 41. Air Filter Installation A. Filter Cartridge 29 1. Pre-Cleaner Air Filter 1. 2. 2. Figure 42. Air Filter Service REPLACE SPARK PLUG Service Interval: Yearly Spark Plug Gap: .030” (.76mm) 1. Stop the engine and allow it to cool. 2. Clean the area around the spark plug. 3. Remove the spark plug. 4. Check the spark plug gap. It should be .030” (see Figure 43). 5. Reinstall the plug into the cylinder head. Torque the plug to 180 in. lbs (20 N.m.). CLEAN COMBUSTION CHAMBER - BRIGGS & STRATTON MODELS Service Interval: 100-400 hours In order to maintain emission compliance, we recommend that after every 100-400 hours of operation you have an authorized Briggs & Stratton Service Center remove combustion deposits from the cylinder, cylinder head, top of piston, and around the valves. Figure 43. Spark Plug Gapping Pre-Cleaner Service NOTE: Replace a worn or damaged pre-cleaner. 1. Figure 42. Wash the pre-cleaner in liquid detergent and water. 2. Squeeze the pre-cleaner dry and saturate with engine oil. Remove all excess oil by squeezing the pre-cleaner in an absorbent cloth. Air Filter Service NOTE: Replace a worn or damaged air filter. 1. Figure 42. If stamped “Washable,” the filter can be washed with warm water and mild soap. 2. Rinse with tap water with the screen side UP allowing dirt and debris to filter out. 3. Allow the filter to dry overnight before reinstalling. 30 26hp 18.5 & 21hp Not for Reproduction 31 SERVICE & ADJUSTMENTS GROUND SPEED CONTROL LEVER ADJUSTMENT The control levers have three adjustments: To Adjust Control Lever Height: Pull the levers in across the operator’s lap to their DRIVE positions. Loosen the mount bolts (D, Figure 44) and raise or lower the levers to the desired position. Tighten the mounting bolts.(D). To Adjust Control Lever End Gap: The control lever end gap (C, Figure 45) should be adjusted so that the levers do not contact each other when placed in DRIVE positions. Loosen the jam nut (A, Figure 44) and adjust the length of the carriage bolt (B) so that the levers do not contact each other. Repeat on the opposite side. Tighten the jam nut (A) to lock the carriage bolt in position. To Adjust Operator Clearance: The space between the operator and the control levers can be increase by removing the lower mounting bolt (D, Figure 44), pivoting the lever forward, and reinstalling the capscrew through the control lever and forward slot (C). Repeat with the other ground speed lever. SPEED BALANCING ADJUSTMENT If the rider veers to the right or left when the ground speed control levers are in the maximum forward position, the top speed of the right lever can be balanced by turning the adjustment knob (E, Figure 44). Loosen the jam nut and turn the knob COUNTERCLOCKWISE to increase speed or CLOCKWISE to decrease speed. Tighten the jam nut when complete. CUTTING HEI...

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