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Инструкция по эксплуатации Dixon Marking Tools, модель ZTR 429

Производитель: Dixon Marking Tools
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This plug is located at the right rear of body. 3. Remove the four control lever bolts and remove upper control levers (P/N 9079 A 9080). 4. Remove the two acorn nuts on floor of body and release latches on the rear of body near each side. 5. Place height adjustment lever in the vertical position, engage the parking brake and carefully lift body off the chassis. 6. Reverse above procedures to install body. Safety Checks - "Important" 1. After reassembly of body onto chassis and while seated on the mower, attempt to start the engine with mower deck engaged. The engine should not start. If engine does start, return mower to an Authorized Dixon Dealer for adjustment or repair. 2. Disengage mower deck and start engine with the operator in a normal seated position on the mower. Engage mower deck and remove weight from the seat. The engine should stop. If engine does not stop when operator rises from seat, return mower to an Authorized Dixon Dealer for adjustment or repair. Parking Brake Adjustment 1. Remove body as described above. 2 . Adjustment points are located at rear of transaxle on each side. Remove roll pins from swivel fitting (P/N 2172). Turn swivel fitting on brake rod (P/N 6100) in, to tighten. Just enough to prevent brake from slipping when engaged. 3. Reinstall roll pin. CAUTION: Over tightening may cause premature wear, on brake band (P/N 6085). Dixon Industries, INC. Box 1569 Coffeyville, Kansas 67337-0945 (316)251-2000 Airport Industrial Park TELEX: 417109 CHASSIS ASSEMBLY (MODEL 429 & 428) Page 3 of 11 BODY ASSEMBLY (MODEL 429 & 428) Page 5 of 11 Page 7 of 11 d o co »■ d cr> CVJ ENGINE ASSEMBLIES (MODEL 429 & 428) SEAT WIRING (MODEL 429 & 428) BOdV WIRING LOOM “4508 REAR WtRtNG LOOM - 4362 WIRING KIT - 0607 (SEE ASSEMBLY BREAKDOWN^ Page 9 of 11 Page 11 of 11 Note: It is possible to install the engine to mower deck drive belt (P/N 0111) at this time; however, our engine Manufacturers have suggested that this, belt be installed after the engine has been fully serviced per Manufacturers’ suggestions and allowed to operate at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle settings for approximately (3) Minutes. This will place the initial start up of the engine in a no load situation and allow complete engine lubrication. Adjustment; 1. Install engine to Mower deck drive belt (P/N 6111). 2. Check and adjust tire pressures. Front 19 to 21 psi; Rear 8 to 12 psi. Tires May have been over inflated for shipping purposes. 3. Place the Mower on a level surface. Using the lift handle, raise the Mower deck to a height which will allow Measurements to be taken from the surface to the tops of the two outer Mower deck cutter blades (P/N 8688). 4. Align both outer Mower deck cutter blades to obtain a side to side Measurement. Starting with the left blade as viewed from operator’s position, secure Measurement from level surface to the bottom of the - cutter blade tip, rotate blade and check Measurement on opposite end of cutter blade. Ti...

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