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Инструкция по эксплуатации Holman, модель DIAL EZY N10372

Производитель: Holman
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Set Watering Days 8 Interval Day Selection 8 Individual Day Selection 8 Odd / Even Day Selection 9 Step 3. Set Station Run Times 9-10 Manual Operations System test facility 11 Run A Single Station 11 Run AProgram 12 Other Features Stop 12 Stacking Start Times 12 Automatic BackUp Program 12 Rain Sensor Ready 13-15 Rain Off Mode 16 Water Budgeting 16 Installation Instructions Mounting The Controller 17 Electrical Hook-Up 17 Field Wiring Connections 18 Terminal Block Layout 18 Power Supply Connections 19 Connection Of Valves 19 Pump Hook-Up Connections 20 Electrical Characteristics 21 Servicing The Controller 22 Fault Finding Guide 23 Spare Watering Planners 24-25 Features This unit is available Designed for residential applications, this controller with up to sixteen possible times a day. This ensures efficient watering areas. These different areas may require programs and often use different types Examples: Turf areas generally use pop-up and require less frequent but heavier watering. flower beds use micro sprays and require more frequent watering. The valves (stations) which water similar garden areas are often grouped together and put into the same program as they need to be watered on the same days. These stations (valves) will water in sequential order from the lowest number at the start time (or times) nominated and on the days selected. Maximum watering duration for a station (valve) is 12 hours and 59 minutes. This controller has three types of watering day options. Either, interval watering from everyday to every 15th day, individual day selection per program, or a 365 day calendar for ODD/EVEN day watering. An innovative feature of this controller is the Rain Sensor Ready (RSR) technology. This allows individual stations to be controlled by a rain sensor. In this way, garden areas that are subject to rain, can have their irrigation suspended during wet periods, while areas under cover can continue to be watered. PAGE 1 Glossary Battery Cover Selection Dial LCD Display Remove cover Used for Easy to read to fit 9V block operations & display. programming. battery. Fuse Location Remove cover to access. Socket & Rubber Plug (RSR) Rain Sensor Cable Socket. Simple push in, pull out, plug & socket configuration. Compatible with HOLMAN Rain Sensor (CRS1000BC) Terminal Cover Remove to access terminals for solenoid / valve wires. Programming Buttons Used for adjusting the programmed information. Programming Introduction This controller has programs, to allow own individual watering A program is basically a method (valves) with similar watering the same days. These stations order from the lowest number at the nominated and on the days selected. The key elements when programming your controller are: . Grouping the stations. (valves) Group together garden areas which have similiar watering requirements. Examples are: Turf Areas, Flower Beds, Pergola/Undercover Areas, or Vegetables. These different groups require individual settings. Planning out your watering program. Complete your individual watering planner, supplied at the back of this book. . Setting the current time and correct day of the week. . Setting an automatic program. Use the following 3 steps to program each group. 1. Set Start(s). This sets the time of the day when the watering program will commence. 2. Set Watering Days. These are the nominated days when the automatic system will be active. 3. Set Station Run Times. This sets the watering duration required for each station (valve). PAGE 3 PAGE 2 Programming Programming In this example, the , Program 1 ( Group 1), are using pop-up sprinklers The vegetables are being longer run time, with the flower baskets and pergola areas being sprays. Two stations are not affected by rainfall, these are individually set to OFF. During rain, these stations are still watered, whilst the rest of the system Programming Other Functions This controller can once, or an individual 1 minute up to 12 hours the automatic programs can watering while it is raining. A test facility for checking the valves and sprinklers is also provided. General tips for easy programming Tips to help eliminate programming confusion. Complete the spare watering planner. When setting, one push of the button will increment one unit. Holding one button down will fast scroll through units. During programming, only the flashing values are able to be set, use the or buttons. . Pressing next will scroll forward through the settings in an orderly sequence. Pressing back will scroll back to previous settings and settings can be changed. PAGE 5 PAGE 4 Programming Set Current Turn the dial to Set Clock/Calendar position. The hour will be flashing. or to adjust. Note: AM / PM must be set correctly. Press the next button and the “minutes” will flash. Use or to adjust. Press next and the “day of the week” will flash. Use or to set correct day. Set Calendar (Optional) Note: The calendar only needs to be set when selecting ODD/EVEN day watering in area...

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