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Инструкция по эксплуатации Champion Manufacturing, модель WC-12INO

Производитель: Champion Manufacturing
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This would usually be zone 1. Determine how long you want the sprinklers to water depending on the type of sprinklers (impacts: 30 - 45 minutes, pop-ups: 10 - 15 minutes) and the type of vegetation (see EFFICIENT RUN TIMES in the next section for more detail). Each zone can run from 1 to 60 minutes in 1-minute increments, and from 1 hour to 12 hours in 10-minute increments (generally for drip systems). Use the . (to increase) or . (to decrease) buttons to set the run time for each zone you wish to use 6 in the program you are setting. (NOTE: The factory set/default program has each zone set at 10 minutes in Program A. Make sure the run times for the zones you are not using are set to OFF by pressing the OFF button while the rotary dial is pointing to that zone). Each zone can ONLY be assigned to ONE program. Zone 1 for example, cannot be used in Program A and again in Program B or C. The 10 minute default zone run times can be changed to anything from the 10 minute default setting down to 1 minute, or up to 12 hours by using the . or . buttons, and assigned to any program A, B, or C by moving the PROGRAM switch to the appropriate program and moving the . or . buttons. Efficient Run Times An efficient run time depends upon several factors: the type of plants being watered, temperature, humidity, soil type, slope of landscape, and type of sprinklers. For most lawns, the amount of water needed per week ranges from about 2" in hot climates down to 1/2" in cooler climates. Trees and shrubs have deeper root structures and require long slow watering, which can best be applied by shrub sprays, a bubbler, or a drip system. High humidity reduces water demands. If your soil is sandy, or you are watering on a slope, water frequently with short run times. Clay soil holds water better, so water less often and use short run times. For more precise guidelines, check with a local nursery or gardening service regarding your specific needs. To learn the rate at which your sprinklers apply water, do a “Can Test”. Place several 1 lb. coffee cans or other similar size containers evenly across your lawn. Run your sprinklers until the average water depth in the containers reaches 1". Record the run time. Divide 60 minutes by the time you measured to determine the average inches per hour your sprinklers distribute (e.g. with 30 min. fill time, 60 min. . 30 min. = 2 inches per hour). Use this information to plan your watering schedule. Plants need more water during hot weather months and less during cold weather months. Use your controller’s WATER BUDGETING (%) feature to make easy, one-step seasonal adjustments to your run times. Setting Additional Programs When you have finished setting the zone run times for Program A, move the program selector switch to Program B if you desire a B program for shrubs or a drip system. Repeat instructions for Program A to set Program B beginning with START TIMES, then WATER DAYS, then ZONE RUN TIMES. Remember to not overlap START TIMES by adding up the combined run times for all zones in Program A and add that amount to Program A’s START TIME to determine the earliest START TIME for Program B. For example, if START TIME 1 for Program A is set to 4:00 A.M. and Zone 1 runs for 10 minutes, Zone 2 for 25 minutes, Zone 3 for 30 minutes, and Zone 4 for 10 minutes (all in Program A) then the combined total run time is 75 minutes, therefore Program B could not start until 75 minutes or more past 4:00 A.M., so the first available START TIME for Program B would be 5:15 A.M. Continuing programming your WATER CHAMP controller until you have covered all Programs A, B, and/or C START TIMES, WATER DAYS, and ZONE RUN TIMES you wish. Important Programming Notes The Program Switch must be in the RUN position for automatic or manual watering, and in the A, B, or C position to set program START TIMES, WATER DAYS, and ZONE RUN TIMES. The start of watering is delayed on either automatic or manual runs on every zone/valve and the Master Valve/Pump Start by ten (10) seconds. Note: the red LED in the lower left corner of the faceplate label lights at the start of AUTO, MANUAL, or TEST functions and stays on while AC current is being supplied to any terminal (a program is running). 7 The advantage of this 10-second delay is the demand for electrical current does not come on all at the same time if 2 zones or the pump start come on simultaneously. It also allows time to do a visual check of your zones to see if they are watering properly. When the controller is watering, the display will show the ac...

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