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Инструкция по эксплуатации Champion Manufacturing, модель WC-15INO

Производитель: Champion Manufacturing
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To stop watering at any time, push the OFF button. OPERATING YOUR CONTROLLER Automatic Operation Whenever your controller is programmed with START TIMES, WATER DAYS, and ZONE RUN TIMES it is ready to automatically water (so long as the rotary dial is not pointing to the OFF/RAIN position). Manual Operation (Turning on your sprinklers right now) There are three ways to turn on your sprinklers manually: 1. PRESET ALL PROGRAM WATERING: with the rotary dial at the ALL MANUAL position, push the RUN button. Zones 1 to 4 (or 1 to 6 on six station models) will water the time you set in ZONE RUN TIME in Program A, then B, then C. (Remember each zone can only be assigned to one of the three programs A, B, or C). 2. PRESET INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM WATERING: With the rotary dial in the ALL MANUAL position, push the desired Program A, B, or C button to water just the zones in that program the preset run times you programmed - remember the 10 second delay before the sprinklers start watering. 3. MANUAL WATERING A SINGLE ZONE: Move the rotary switch to the zone you wish to water. If you wish to water the zone for the same amount of time you have already programmed, push the RUN button then move the dial back to the ALL MANUAL position. If you wish to run the zone more or less than the programmed run time, slide the program switch to the program that the zone is in and use the . (to increase) or . (to decrease) buttons to enter the time you wish to run then move the program switch back to the RUN position and press the RUN button then move the dial back to the ALL MANUAL position. After watering, reprogram the zone to the Program run time you wish. FEATURES OFF/RAIN Turn the rotary dial to the OFF/RAIN position if you do not want to water due to rain or for any other reason. The time and all programs will be retained, but electricity will not go to the valves to turn them on. Be sure to turn the rotary dial out of the OFF/RAIN position and back to the ALL MANUAL position to water again. % Watering/Water Budgeting At about the one (1) o’clock position on the rotary dial between ALL MANUAL and START TIME 1 positions is the % sign. In this position the LCD reads 100% that means the zones water the exact time you entered into the program. With this function, you can alter your zone run times to match the moisture demand based on the current weather. If it is hot and dry, you can increase the run time - cold and damp, you can decrease the programmed run time. The . or . arrows control the percentage adjustment up to 200% or down to 10% in 10% increments (steps). For any percentage other than 100%, the % sign will remain in the LCD readout indicating a percentage run time adjustment. As an example, if you had ten (10) minutes on zone 1 and set % watering at 50 %, zone 1 would water for five (5) minutes. All zones in all programs are in an override with % watering. It is a beneficial tool to use for water conservation. If you return % back to 100%, the original zone run times are still programmed. This is the easiest way to change the length of time you water. With % watering, zone run 8 times can go as short as 10% of one (1) minute (equivalent to six seconds) for nursery application or newly seeded lawns. Zone Test By pushing both . and . arrows at the same time, a zone test starts with zone 1 to check if there is a bad zone, a short on the wires, or a faulty solenoid. The test has a ten (10) second delay then counts down ten (10) seconds in the LCD, then moves to zone 2 and so forth. If a short exists, a bad zone # will be indicated on the LCD. If multiple zones are shorted, the bad zones will be indicated in the LCD. Bad zones will be skipped in the watering cycle and reported until fixed. Reset Button If you wish to reset or erase all programs you entered, be sure the rotary dial is in the RUN/ALL MANUAL position, then push the RESET button (located just to the left of the PROGRAM selector switch) with a pen tip. Your controller will then contain only the factory-preset program. You can then reprogram the CALENDAR and any new schedules you wish. INTERNAL FEATURES The terminal strip appears as follows: SW2 (Switch #2) SW2 allows zones in Program C to run at the same time as zones in Programs A or B for drip systems when it is placed in the down position. In the up position the programs run in chronological (earliest clock time) order. ADDITIONAL FEATURES No backup battery needs to be purchased. An internal lithium battery is supplied. The expected life of the battery is up to seven (7) or more years. The ba...

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