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Инструкция по эксплуатации Champion Manufacturing, модель R-150

Производитель: Champion Manufacturing
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We trust it will give you years of dependable service as it was built to very high standards. It is technologically state-of-the-art, easy to program, and a real value. If you should have any questions please call us at (800) 33-CHAMP [800-332-4267]. The “Water Champ” controllers are available in 4, 6, 9, 12 & 15 zone indoor/outdoor models, and have 3 independent programs, A, B, and C, of which any one can be used for the lawn, one for shrubs, and one program for a drip system. Among the other features and benefits, the “Water Champ” Controllers have the following: •A lifetime calendar for watering only ODD or EVEN days in the event of a need to conform to local water restrictions. •OFF/RAIN switch position to stop watering during rainy days. •3 MANUAL RUN options - ALL MANUAL with Program A, then B, then C; run just Program A or B or C; run an individual zone only. •4 START TIMES for each program for newly seeded lawns, new sod, or hot weather. •WATER DAYS options allow watering specific days of the week on SET DAYS, or water on SKIP DAYS skipping from 1 to 30 days. Add the ODD/EVEN option to water only on odd or even calendar days if required by local restrictions. •ZONE RUN TIME allows valve run times from 1 minute to 1 hour in 1 minute increments and 1 hour to 12 hours in ten minute increments. •% watering (water budgeting) allows increased (up to 200%) or decreased (down to 10%) valve run times without reprogramming - great for water conservation. •Automatic and internal features include a factory set (default) program to water every zone daily for 10 minutes starting at 5:00 a.m. Internal switch (SW2) will allow Program C to be run at the same time as Programs A or B (drip system application). The RAIN terminal will allow a rain sensor shut-off. No fuse is required as the controller has automatic circuit protection, skips any shorted zone, and shows shorted zone as a ‘bad’ zone in the LCD display. Pushing the . or . arrows together tests all zones for a short. An internal lithium battery backs up the calendar and memory of your programs for up to 7 years. The RESET switch allows resetting the controller back to the factory set default program. •All zone run times count down during the run cycle, and skip days count down as the day(s) pass. •Controller will operate in auto-run from any position of the rotary dial except OFF/RAIN. Your Champion controller provides the convenience of automatic watering and the flexibility to make the most of our precious water resources. Your controller was designed to be easy to program and operate. Please refer to this guide to learn the best way to install and use your controller. 2 INSTALLATION Indoors Locate your controller indoors near a standard 110v AC outlet. The outlet should not be controlled by a switch or share the same circuit with a garage door opener, electric dryer, or other large appliance or inductive motor. The location should be protected from moisture and temperatures exceeding 120o Fahrenheit. Outdoors Your Water Champ controller includes a weatherproof power cord. If you wish to hard wire your controller to conduit, the factory installed power cord can be easily removed. Turn off the circuit breaker for the 110V circuit. Attach the black wire to the 110V black lead. Attach the green wire to the ground lead. Use a professional electrician if you are not comfortable with the direct wiring of your controller. Note: Electrical codes may vary from location to location. Please check your local codes before beginning work. When installed outdoors, utilizing a standard electrical outlet, plug grounded power cord into recommended ground fault circuit interrupter (GFIC) with a weatherproof cover to prevent possible shock/ short circuit. Provide a water drip loop for the power cable, to insure water will not flow directly into the power outlet / receptacle. Mounting Your Controller Screw one of the supplied #8 screws into a wall at eye level. Leave 1/4" of the screw head extending from the surface. Use an anchor bolt for drywall or masonry. Slip the buttonhole opening on the back of the box over the screw head. Open the lower door. Install two more screws from the front, through the holes at the bottom of the box. Wiring Your Valves Use color-coded 18 gauge (16 or 14 gauge can also be used) plastic jacketed sprinkler wire to connect the controller to your valves. If you plan to bury the wire, use a route that will not be disturbed later by digging. Each valve has two wires. Use one wire for power and one for common, it doesn’t matter...

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