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Инструкция по эксплуатации Champion Manufacturing, модель WC-9INO

Производитель: Champion Manufacturing
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In the up position the programs run in chronological (earliest clock time) order. ADDITIONAL FEATURES No backup battery needs to be purchased. An internal lithium battery is supplied. The expected life of the battery is up to seven (7) or more years. The battery backs up the customer entered programs (memory) and clock time in the event of a temporary AC power failure. No fuse is required with this controller. It is state-of-the-art technology with automatic circuit surge protection, automatic restart, and override of a shorted zone. These features can give you greater confidence that you can go away on vacation and your yard will get watered. Your “Water Champ” controller will “stack” program start times and runs logically. Start times are chronological (earliest clock time) and run until a program finishes in the event you programmed longer run times than can finish before the next start time. You could also extend run times into another program with % watering/Water Budgeting. Your controller will stack or hold this second program and start it when the first start time program finishes. Programs could run past midnight (i.e. long drip system programs). The controller will cancel a previous days program when the first start time comes up on the next day. The exception to this is if WATER DAYS are set on SKIP DAYS and the ODD/EVEN feature is activated. In this case, any remaining program run time would be canceled at midnight so as not to be in violation of any water restrictions. 9 SOLUTIONS TO COMMON PROBLEMS PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSES & SOLUTIONS One valve does not Wiring to valve broken. turn on, all others Solenoid faulty - test valve with good work correctly. one. Program set for OFF watering time for that valve. Flow control on valve adjusted to off. Solenoid port clogged in valve, clean with paper clip. All valves do not turn on Controller is running on battery only. Check that the outlet and transformer are working. Controller Program switch is not set on RUN. Program set for no watering time. Wiring to valves broken -check common wire. Excess water pressure. One valve won't shut off Manually close flow adjustment screw. Valve needs cleaning or repair. Display shows: AC AC Power to controller is off. Check that AC power is on, then check that the transformer is working (use a multimeter). Display flashing a zone # The wire to the flashing station and common wire are shorted. Check wiring connections at the valve, at the controller and in between. Another cause is a shorted solenoid - A good solenoid has 15-35 ohms resistance. Start times not correct There could be an overlap of start times between programs A, B, & C. Set Start Time to a different time in one program. 10 PROGRAM INFORMATION STATION RUN TIMES STATION STATION RUN TIME No. LOCATION PGM A PGM B PGM C 1 2 3 4 5 6 START TIMES START TIME 1 START TIME 2 START TIME 3 START TIME 4 PGM A PGM B PGM C WATERING DAYS S M T W T F S SKIP DAYS PGM A PGM B PGM C 11 Limited 3-year warranty Champion Irrigation Products hereinafter called “Champion” warrants that parts manufactured by it shall be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use, and service for a period of 3 years from date of purchase. This three-year period shall be known as the “warranty period.” Champion will furnish or repair parts found to be defective during the warranty period, at no charge, under our defective return procedure. CHAMPION’S LIABILITY IS SOLEY LIMITED TO ORIGONAL COST OF THE PARTS AND NO PAYMENT WILL BE MADE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL COSTS OR DAMAGES CAUSED BY PRODUCT FAILURE. Buyer’s remedies are limited to return of the products, and repayment of the price or to repair and replacement of nonconforming products or parts, in Champion’s discretion. Products must be returned to Champion for inspection. Champion does not assume liability for the defective products not manufactured or supplied by us, even though such products may be used in conjunction with our own. Champion assumes no liability for damages sustained in the adoption or use of our engineering data. Champion reserves the right to redesign, alter or modify its products without incurring liability for obsolete product or part inventory. No agent or representative of Champion has the authority to waive or alter this printed warranty or to make any representation or warranty not contained herein. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION ON THE FACE HEREOF. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PERTICULAR...

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