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Инструкция по эксплуатации Champion Manufacturing, модель R-90

Производитель: Champion Manufacturing
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•Turn the dial to YEAR and set the current year, starting at ‘98’ for 1998. ‘00’ is the year 2000 and so on. The calendar is accurate for the life of the controller (including leap years and the turn of the century). With the internal lithium battery, all programs and current time will be retained for up to seven (7) years or longer even with occasional power interruptions. When the calendar is set, the current day of the week will have a bracket around it. [W] for example. Factory Set/Default Program Your “Water Champ” Controller is shipped from the factory with a permanent program for easy programming and as a backup default program. Every zone has ten (10) minutes run time and is assigned to Program A, scheduled to water every day at 5:00 A.M. You can program what you want over this factory set program, but in the event that the AC power is off and the backup lithium battery (7 to 9 year life) is no longer functioning Setting a Watering Schedule Your “Water Champ” controller has programs A, B, and C, which allows you to set three independent programs. Each program can have its’ own set of start times, run times, and watering days. The dial selects the different program information by setting the PROGRAM switch to the desired program to be set or altered. Use these programs to satisfy the different watering needs of your landscape. Determine what you would like to do with Program A. If it is to water your lawns for example, decide the number of start times needed (generally one or two), and the duration of watering (generally fifteen minutes or less per zone unless rotors or impacts are used). The total length of watering time will be equal to the sum of the watering times for all the operating zones. Watering should be done very early in the morning to assure adequate water pressure, less wind dispersal, diminished chance of leaf burn, and reduced evaporation. Watering at night can promote fungus growth. 5 Setting Start Times • Turn the rotary dial to START TIMES position 1. Move the PROGRAM switch left to the ‘A’ position. • To set START TIME 1 (factory set/default is set at 5:00 AM, suggested setting: between 4:00 A.M. and 6:00 A.M.) push the .UP (to advance) or . DOWN (to recede) buttons to change the displayed starting time. • Use the same procedure to set a second start time if desired using START TIME 2. Generally second waterings are set for the afternoon so be sure to check that the correct A.M. or P.M. indicator is shown in the LCD display. • Start Times 3 and 4 might be used for newly seeded lawns or new sod. They are also set using the same procedure. • Should you no longer need a start time (i.e. newly seeded lawn matures), push the OFF button to cancel. They are retained in the memory. If you wish to use them again, push the ON button. Setting Watering Days In WATER DAYS you may use either SET DAYS (7 days of the week) or SKIP DAYS (skip from 0 to 30 days) in any combination of Programs A, B, or C. Programs A and B can be on SET DAYS and Program C can be on SKIP DAYS. However, ODD/EVEN can only be set when using SKIP DAYS, not when using SET DAYS. To water on specific days of the week, rotate the dial to the SET DAYS position in the WATER DAYS segment of the dial. S M T W T F S (Sunday through Saturday) are the seven days of the week shown in the display. Use the . button to advance through the days of the week (the . button will reverse through the week). The selected day will blink. If you want that particular day to water, push the ON button and a box (bracket) will appear around that day. To turn off a day press the OFF button. For example, to water on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the display should show: If you want a consistent number of days between watering, rotate the dial to SKIP DAYS (do not use the SET DAYS position). With this setting you can skip watering from one (1) to thirty (30) days or set at 0 to water everyday. If you set SKIP 1 DAY(S) you will water every other day, if you set SKIP 2 DAY(S) you will water every third day, and so on, up to skipping 30 days (orchards or vineyards). If you have restrictions from your water company and they require watering on ODD or EVEN calendar days, set your SKIP DAYS first, then turn the dial to ODD/EVEN and push the . or . arrow to toggle between ODD and EVEN settings in the LCD display. Setting Zone Run Times Next move the rotary dial to the ZONE RUN TIME segment of the controller so that it points to the first zone (also known as a station) that operates a valve in the area you want watered in Program A...

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