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Инструкция по эксплуатации Orion Car Audio, модель XTR XTR10001

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All rights reserved. amplifier For optimal results, mount the amplifier with as much clearance as possible this type of mounting will yield the best cooling due to the convection effect of the amplifier chassis General Precautions and Installation Tips WARNING! Be careful not to cut or drill into gas tanks, fuel lines, brake lines, hydraulic lines, vacuum lines, or electrical wiring when working on your vehicle Disconnect the vehicle’s ground wire at the battery before making or breaking connections to the audio system’s power supply terminals Do not use this amplifier unmounted Failing to securely mount the amplifier can result in damage or injury, particularly in the event of an accident An unmounted amplifier becomes a dangerous projectile in the event of a crash never mount the amplifier where it might get wet Mount the amplifier so the wire connections will not be pulled Route the wires where they will not be scraped, pinched or damaged in any fashion the +12V power supply wire must be fused as close as possible to the battery terminal, ideally within 12” Use the recommended fuse size or circuit breaker listed in the Power Connections section of this manual NOTE: Make sure all the equipment in the system is turned off when making or breaking connections to the input RCAs or speaker terminals turn on the system and slowly turn up the volume control only after double checking all wire connections © 2009 Directed Electronics. All rights reserved. 12 Power for systems with a single amplifier can be supplied by most automotive electrical systems. Systems with multiple amplifiers may require a higher capacity battery, alternator or the use of a storage capacitor. We strongly recommend the use of a Directed Audio Essentials power capacitor with an extra battery in larger stereo systems. Orion amplifiers generate a certain amount of heat as part of normal operation. Be sure the area around the amplifier is unobstructed to allow adequate air circulation. Remember, beach blankets, last week’s laundry, school books and homework papers located on top of the amplifier do not improve air flow and may become damaged. You must first remove the end caps to mount the amplifier (mounting holes are within). (1) Remove the screws first, (2) lift the end cap straight up to detach from unit and then (3) pull away from the amplifier. Once mounted replace end caps by following this process in reverse. Figure 10 Figura 10 Abbildung 10 2 1 3 Tools of the Trade Listed below are the majority of the tools required to perform an installation. Having the proper tools will make the installation that much easier. Some of these tools are necessities; some will just make the job easier. • Allen Wrenches (2mm and 3mm) • DMM or VOM • Electric drill with assorted drill bits • Grommets • Heat shrink tubing • Marking pen • Nylon tie straps • Phillips and flat blade screw drivers • Pliers (standard and needle nose) • Reference CD with 1 kHz Sine Wave at 0dB level (all bits high) • RTA (real time analyzer) • Soldering iron and solder • Utility knife • Wire brush or sandpaper for chassis grounding • Wire crimper • Wire cutters • Wire strippers Step By Step Installation NOTE: Connect all input, power and speaker connections to amplifier before mounting the amplifier in its final location 1 . Determine the location for the amplifier Refer to the Choosing Mounting Locations section of this manual for detailed information 2 . Decide on the system configuration for your amplifier For system suggestions, refer to the Speaker Connections section of this manual 3 . Run all the wires from the amplifier location to the speakers, source unit, and battery Do not connect the battery at this time Be sure to run RCA’s and power and speaker wires away from factory electrical wires and system as they pose a great potential for induced system noise 4 . Remove end caps before mounting the amplifier (see figure 11, previous page) 5 . Pre-drill amplifier mounting holes Be sure to “think before you drill” Gas tanks, fuel lines, mechanical/electrical systems and/or other obstructions may be hidden beneath mounting location For best results use a marking pen to mark the mounting holes and pre-drill these holes with a standard 1/8” drill bit 6 . Mount the amplifier Make sure the amplifier is mounted on a flat surface If this is not possible, do not over tighten the screws so that the chassis of the amplifier is twisted or bent 7 . turn the vehicle’s key switch to the off position 8 . Disconnect the vehicle’s battery ground terminal 9 . Connect power wires to the amplifier (ground first, then 12 V(+) and ReM) Power wire must be fused near the battery Be sure to © 2009 Directed Electronics. All rights reserved. remove the fuse from the fuse holder at this time 10 . Connect the RCA and speaker wires to the amplifier Check the quality of your speakers and signal connections this will determine the ultimate performance of your orion amplifier Refer to the Signal Input and Ou...

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