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Инструкция по эксплуатации Directed Audio, модель XTR2502

Производитель: Directed Audio
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Название файла: GXTR2502-2009-02web.pdf
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AmplifierMODELXTR2502XTR5002OWNER'S MANUAL AmplifierMODELXTR2502XTR5002OWNER'S MANUAL Contents english 1 Francais 19 espanol 35 Deutsch 51 Italiano 67 Portugues 83 Introduction 2 What’s in the Box 2 Practice safe sound™ 2 end Panel Layouts 3 CeA specifications 4 specifications 5 Amplifier settings 6 signal Input and output Configurations 6 Input Gain 6 Line output Configurations 6 Internal Crossover Configurations, Flat (full range) 6 Crossover switch 6 Low-Pass Crossover 6 High-Pass Crossover 7 Adjusting Bass Boost (XtR 5002 only) 7 Infinite Baffle subsonic is set at 20Hz 7 sealed example High-Pass set at 20Hz 8 sealed example High-Pass set at 30Hz 8 Amplifier Wiring 9 Power Connections 9 speaker Connections XtR2502 and XtR5002 9 Amplifier Installation 11 Choosing Mounting Locations 11 Passenger Compartment 11 trunk Compartment 11 General Precautions and Installation tips 11 tools of the trade 12 step By step Installation 13 set Up and troubleshooting 14 testing the system 14 Adjusting the sound of the system 14 Amplifier Visual troubleshooting 15 troubleshooting tips 17 IntRoDUCtIon thank you for your purchase of orion’s amplifier each orion amplifier is designed to be the leader in its class offering ease of use, advanced features, and the most power orion amplifiers are designed as the best affordable high end car audio amplifier money can buy Listed below are the features of these new orion amplifiers l XTR2502 -70 Watts per channel, two-channel amplifier with dual built-in high-pass and low-pass 12dB/octave crossover the XtR2502 is capable of 3, 2, or 1 channel operation with a maximum power of 250 Watts in...

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