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Инструкция по эксплуатации Kicker, модель ZX2500.1

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. as easy as 1, 2, 3 1. Mounting Choose a structurally sound location to mount your Kicker amplifier. The controls on the top of the amplifier need to be accessible for adjustment. Make sure there are no items behind the area where the screws will be driven. Choose a location that allows at least 4” (10cm) of open ventilation for the amplifier. If possible, mount the amplifier in the climate-controlled passenger compartment. Drill four holes using a 7/64” (3mm) bit and use the supplied #8 screws to mount the amplifier. 2. Wiring Disconnect the vehicle’s battery to avoid an electrical short. Then connect the ground wire to the amplifier. Make the ground wire short, 24” (60cm) or less, and connect it to a paint-and corrosion-free solid-metal area of the vehicle's chassis. Adding an additional ground wire between the battery's negative post and the vehicle chassis of this same gauge (or larger) is recommended. Use a twisted pair of RCA (low-level) interconnect cable to feed the audio signal to the amplifier. Only use speaker wire (high-level) inputs if your source unit does not have RCA type outputs. Either input method will provide a low-level output signal at the RCA output, which effectively passes the audio signal to another amplifier or component (P.A.S.T.). Keep the RCA cable away from factory wiring harnesses and other power wiring. If you need to cross this wiring, cross it at a 90 degree angle. Install the provided external fuse within 18” (45cm) of the ZX amplifier and in-line with the power cable. Install a second fuse within 18” (45cm) of the battery and in-line with the power cable connected to your amplifier. These ZX series mono amplifiers deliver Kilo-Watts of power. We recommend an alternator with a minimum 140 ampere output capacity, at least one extra battery located within 50” (130cm) to the amplifier, an extra fuse located within 18” (45cm) of the extra battery, all power and ground feeds to be as short as possible, and utilize 12, 10 or 8 gauge speaker wire. See Figure 2. If you ever need to remove the amplifier from the vehicle after it has been installed, the ground wire should be the last wire disconnected from the amplifier--just the opposite as when you installed it. See the chart below for power and ground wire size, and fusing recommendations. 3. Configuration The following diagram shows the most common configuration for your Kicker ZX series amplifier. OneChannelOperation These ZX amplifiers are capable of operating into a minimum impedance of 2 ohms. If you are using multiple voice coils, the net impedance of the voice coils must be equal to or greater than 2 ohms. INSTALLATION ZX.1AMPLIFIER Authorized Kicker Dealer: Purchase Date: Amplifier Model Number: Amplifier Serial Number: __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ ModelZX1000.1 Fuse100A PowerGroundWire 1/0GA ModelZX1500.1 Fuse150A PowerGroundWire 1/0GA ModelZX2500.1 Fuse300A PowerGroundWire 1/0GA Extra Battery +12V Extra Fuse 18" Or Less (45cm) Minimum impedance of 2 ohms mono - + 2nd Fuse Main Battery +12V 18" Or Less (45cm) 24" Or Less (60cm) Ground Remote Turn-On 50" Or Less Extra Battery to Amplifier (130cm) Alternator 140 Ampere Minimum External Fuse 18" Or Less (45cm) Signal Out (P.A.S.T.) Signal In + _ Mono Speaker 2 3 CONFIGURATION Figure 2 kil l SeOrUs RtCrEk 7 U“NoInT Top” INPUT REMOTE BASS L R + - OUTPUT L R HI-LEVEL INPUT ON OFF + - - + SUB SONIC Figure 1 Use only one type of signal input to the amplifier, either RCA Cable or Speaker Wire RCA Cable (Low-Level) Input Speaker Wire (High-Level Output) Speaker Wire (High-Level Input) Left + Left - Right - Right + RCA Cable (Low-Level) Subsonic Filter Output Switch Remote Bass Control Output Signal Out (P.A.S.T.) Class-DMonoChannel, Models: ZX1000.1 / ZX1500.1 / ZX2500.1 ZX.1SeriesAmplifier Owner’sManual Congratulations on your KICKER purchase Please record your purchase information and keep your sales receipt for validation of warranty. Note: To get the best performance from your new Kicker Amplifier, we recommend using genuine Kicker Accessories and Wiring. All specifications and performance figures are subject to change. Please visit the for the most current information. Operation Your Kicker ZX.1 series amplifier has three rotary controls on top and one switch on the end-panel. Before turning on the system for the first time, turn the three rotary controls on the top of the amplifier to the full counter-clockwise position. 1. SubsonicFilterSwitch The subsonic filter switch located on the end-panel utilizes an internal 12dB per octave at 25 Hz high-pass crossover in the ON position. The setting for this control is subjective; the ON position is a good place to start. Never change the subsonic filter switch “ON/OFF” setting with the audio system on! See Figure 1. 2. InputGainControl The input gain control is not a volume control. It matches the output of the source unit to the input l...

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