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Инструкция по эксплуатации Directed Audio, модель XTR5002

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All rights reserved. Sealed Example High-Pass Set at 30Hz In this example, the frequency has been increased to 30 Hz Up to 6 dB of boost is capable at this frequency With +6dB of boost, the woofer has more output down to 23 Hz the overall usable output is increased Figure 8 Figura 8 Abbildung 8 Figure 9 Figura 9 Abbildung 9 AMPLIFIeR WIRInG Power Connections • Power connections accept up to 4 AWG wire • 4 AWG power and ground wire recommended for optimal performance • Connect 12V+ to the battery through fuse holder this connection provides +12V main power to the amplifier • Power wire must be fused no more than 12” from battery • Ground amplifier to a good chassis ground as close as possible to the amplifier • Recommended fuses are 50A for the XtR2502, and 100A for the XtR5002 • Connect ReM terminal to remote turn-on lead from source unit this connection provides +12V power to turn-on the amplifier • Add extra ground wire between the negative terminal of the battery and the chassis NOTE: the addition of a ground wire from the battery to the chassis of the vehicle improves the ability of the battery to supply power to the amplifier this is recommended because the current delivery of the factory electrical system was designed only to accommodate electronics supplied by the auto manufacturer © 2008 Directed Electronics. All rights reserved. Speaker Connections XTR2502 and XTR5002 the orion XtR2502 and XtR5002 amplifiers offer one positive and one negative output terminal for ease of connecting channel 1 and/or 2 outputs to the speakers the amplifiers are stable to 2. per channel see diagrams below one Channel/two Channel Configuration • Lowest recommended impedance is 2 . stereo • outputs can be configured for high-pass, low-pass, or full range operation +_ +_ L CH R CH Figure 10 Figura 10 Abbildung 10 Bridge Configuration Bridging allows one speaker to be driven at a higher power level from the amplifier +_ +_ L CH R CH Figure 11 Figura 11 Abbildung 11 three Channel (Channel 1, Channel 2, Bridged) • Left and Right are configured for two-channel stereo operation • Lowest recommended impedance is 2 . stereo • the third output is configured for a single channel bridged output • the bridged outputs lowest recommended impedance is 4 . • outputs are configured for high-pass, low-pass, or full range operation +_ +_ L CH R CH Figure 12 Figura 12 Abbildung 12 NOTE: to get full output in this configuration, band limiting filters as shown in this diagram may need to be used to prevent the impedance from dropping too low and engaging protection circuits © 2008 Directed Electronics. All rights reserved. AMPLIFIeR InstALLAtIon Choosing Mounting Locations the location of your amplifier will depend on several important issues Due to the low profile size of the orion amplifiers, there are many possible installation locations that will yield satisfactory amplifier performance Always mount the amplifier in a place that protects the amplifier from the elements In addition, mount the amplifier on a stable, flat surface NOTE: Mounting amplifiers upside down is not recommended and may cause premature thermal shutdown. WARNING! Do not mount any amplifier in the engine compartment. Amplifiers are not designed to endure the harsh environment of the exterior elements. Passenger Compartment If you are going to mount the amplifier in the passenger compartment, make sure you have adequate room for ventilation the amplifiers have been designed to make under-seat mounting possible When mounting your amplifier under a seat or similar area, keep a minimum of 1” of clearance around the amplifier for adequate cooling Trunk Compartment Mounting your amplifier in the trunk provides excellent performance as long as you do not restrict the airflow around the heatsink of the © 2008 Directed Electronics. All rights reserved. amplifier For optimal results, mount the amplifier with as much clearance as possible this type of mounting will yield the best cooling due to the convection effect of the amplifier chassis General Precautions and Installation Tips WARNING! Be careful not to cut or drill into gas tanks, fuel lines, brake lines, hydraulic lines, vacuum lines, or electrical wiring when working on your vehicle Disconnect the vehicle’s ground wire at the battery before making or breaking connections to the audio system’s power supply terminals Do not use this amplifier unmounted Failing to securely mount the amplifier can result in damage or injury, particularly in the event of an accident An unmounted amplifier becomes a dangerous projectile in the event of a crash never mount the amplifier where it might get wet Mount the amplifier so the wire connections will not be pulled Route the wires where they will not be scraped, pinched or damaged in any fashion the +12V power supply wire must be fused as close as possible to the battery terminal, ideally within 12” Use the recommended fuse size or circuit breaker listed in the Power Connections section of...

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