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Инструкция по эксплуатации ARC Audio, модель XXD

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This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights, which vary from state to state. This warranty applies to products sold and used in the United States of America. In all other countries please contact your distributor For warranty and non-warranty repairs, send to: ARC Audio 4719 Green Leaf Cr. #4 Modesto CA, 95356 _ 209-543-8706 CARC AUDIO Thankyou for purchasing an ARC Audio Hi-Performance Amplifier. This ARC Audio amplifier uses a Full Range Class D architecture that significantly improves efficiently, lowers heat output and current draw. Don't be fooled by the small size. Class D amplifiers make more power for there size then traditional designs making installation a breeze without compromising storage space. ARC Audio .SOLID CONSTRUCTION for SOUND Car Audio Systems. Warning We build all ARC Audio products to play at high volumes for extended periods of time. Your ears however are not designed for high volume listening. This product can easily generate volumes that can permanently damage your hearing. We urge you to limit your exposure to very high volume sound. You may also find your state has laws governing the volume of an audio system in a car. Please be aware of all local and state laws in you area. A properly tuned and operated audio system will deliver years of enjoyment when used properly. Installation Instructions ARC Audio XXD Amplifiers are designed for easy installation in your vehicle.To ensure proper operation of your new purchase, please followthe suggestions we have listed below: Warning Please check the suitability of the installation location before you begin. Do not cut any of the car's structure. Pay close attention to what is behind the panels or carpet. Often the manufacture will hide wires, computers or other electronic devices in the exact areas you wish to install in. If you do not have experience with automotive electrical and mechanical systems contact a professional installer. Paying a qualified installer is almost always cheaper then paying a dealership to repair your car. Locating the Amplifier The amplifiers must be securely mounted to a solid surface. Please select a dry location in the trunk or passenger compartment only. Do not mount the amplifier to any area that may have excessive vibration (like the subwoofer box). Position the amplifier in an area that receives sufficient airflow for proper heat dissipation. 2 Supplying Enough Power The Laws of Nature Your amplifier Does NOT make power. It converts power, or current, from your cars electrical system and turns it into a high power musical energy. If the amp can't get all the power it needs it will not produce its full output. Your ARC Audio amplifier will produce Full output for longer then other amps on the market today. If the Voltage or Current drops too low even our amplifiers will drop below their rated output. Make sure your vehicle charging system is in good working order. Any Fli-Performance audio amplifier will increase the demand on your alternator and battery. If you are unsure have your charging system tested by a professional technician. The Ground!!! Warning: Read this Carefully The ground wire should be connected directly to the chassis of your vehicle. Find a clear location close to the amplifier and remove all the paint and sound deadener. Use a #10 or larger screw to secure it. Never use seat belt bolts for grounding. Remember, the ground must carry the same high current as the positive power wire. To reduce the risk of noise, run all signal cables away from any vehicle or power supply wiring. Running the Cables Carefully run the power and signal cables through the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Always use a rubber grommet to prevent the power wire from shorting and to reduce the risk of fire. A 8 gauge or larger wire should be used for power and ground connections. We recommend a fuse be installed on the power wire within 18 inches of the battery for safety. Setting the Gains So you're worried that your 8 Volt output head unit will be too much for the ARC Audio's 4 Volt input stage. Don't Be ARC Audio Amplifiers input stage is rated to 4 volts RMS @ 1 KFIz without clipping. Music is very dynamic. Nothing like a 1 KFIztest tone. It would be rare to see a peak as high as a test tone. Furthermore,your head unit produces its output at full volume but when you tune your system you always set the head unit to 70% of maximum volume. 3 Input Section Because of the wide range of head unit output configurations all ARC Audio amplifiers have an adjustable input sensitivity or "Gain'IThe gain is not a volume or a power limiting control like a throttle. It makes the amp more sensitive to input from the stereo. With the gain up the amp will reach full output at a lower volume setting on the deck. At higher gain settings the amp also becomes more sensitive to noise from the car's electrical system.Try to run the gain at the lowest setting po...

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