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Инструкция по эксплуатации Bolens, модель YM320BV

Производитель: Bolens
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1. Place the choke lever in Position 2. NOTE: The blue choke lever must be in Position 2 to remove the air filter/ muffler cover. 2. Remove the four (4) screws securing the air filter/muffler cover (Fig. 17). Use a T-20 Torx bit screwdriver. 3. Pull the cover from the engine. Do not force. Blue Choke Lever Screws Screws Position 2 Fig. 17 Cleaning the Air Filter Clean and re-oil the air filter every 10 hours of operation. It is an important item to maintain. Failure to maintain your air filter properly can result in poor performance or can cause permanent damage to your engine. 1. Remove air filter/muffler cover. Refer to Removing the Air Filter/Muffler Cover. 2. Turn cover over and look inside to locate the air filter. Remove the air filter from inside the air filter/muffler cover (Fig. 18). 3. Wash the filter in detergent and water (Fig. 19). Rinse the filter thoroughly. Squeeze out excess water. Allow it to dry completely. Air Filter Inside Muffler Cover Fig. 18 Fig. 19 MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS Fig. 20 Fig. 21 4. Apply enough clean SAE 30 oil to lightly coat the filter (Fig. 20). 5. Squeeze the filter to spread and remove excess oil (Fig. 21). 6. Replace the air filter inside the air filter/muffler cover (Fig. 18). NOTE: Operating the unit without the air filter and air filter/muffler cover assembly will VOID the warranty. Reinstalling the Air Filter/Muffler Cover 1. Place the air filter/muffler cover over the back of the carburetor and muffler. Align the screw holes. 2. Insert the four (4) screws into the holes in the air filter/muffler cover (Fig. 17) and tighten. Do not over tighten. SPARK ARRESTOR MAINTENANCE NOTE: The exhaust can only flow in one direction: AWAY from the engine. Pay close attention when disassembling the muffler so you can put it back together correctly. Failure to do so will damage the unit and may cause serious personal injury. 1. Remove air filter/muffler cover. Refer to Removing the Air Filter/Muffler Cover. 2. Locate the muffler, but do not remove it. Find the two (2) screws on the bottom of the muffler (Fig. 22). These two screws hold the Spark Arrestor Hood Assembly and the spark arrestor screen to the bottom of the muffler. Remove the two (2) screws using either a torx #20 or flat blade screwdriver. 3. Using a small flat blade screwdriver, carefully pry up the spark arrestor screen from the recessed hole, taking care to notice that the “raised” part of the spark arrestor screen is inside the recessed hole. Remove the spark arrestor screen from the muffler. 4. Clean the spark arrestor screen with a wire brush. Replace it if it is damaged, or if you are unable to clean it thoroughly. 5. Reinstall the spark arrestor screen by putting the “raised” portion of the screen inside the recessed hole of the muffler. Make sure that the spark arrestor screen fits flat against the muffler. 6. Place the spark arrestor plate on top of the spark arrestor with the “raised” side up and the opening facing towards the engine (Fig. 22). 7. Place the spark arrestor hood on top of the spark arrestor plate with the “raised” side up and the opening facing AWAY from the engine (Fig. 22). Verify that the exhaust will be directed AWAY from the engine. 8. Replace the two screws you removed in Step 2 and tighten them securely. 9. Reinstall the air filter/muffler cover. If the exhaustWARNING: deflector assembly is not tightened securely, it could fall off causing damage to the unit and possible serious personal injury. Muffler and Screws Spark Arrestor Screen Spark Arrestor Plate Spark Arrestor Hood Screws Recessed Hole Engine Spark Arrestor Hood Assembly Includes: Spark Arrestor Plate Spark Arrestor Hood Opening Fig. 22 MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS CARBURETOR ADJUSTMENT The idle speed of the engine is adjustable through the air filter/muffler cover (Fig. 23). NOTE: Careless adjustments can seriously damage your unit. An authorized service dealer should make carburetor adjustments. Check Fuel Mixture Old and/or improperly mixed fuel is usually the reason for improper unit performance. Drain and refill the tank with fresh, properly-mixed fuel prior to making any adjustments. Refer to Oil and Fuel Information. Clean Air Filter The condition of the air filter is important to the operation of the unit. A dirty air filter will restrict air flow and change the air/fuel mixture. This is often mistaken for an out of adjustment carburetor. Check the condition of the air filter before adjusting the idle speed screw. Refer to Air Filter Maintenance. Adjust Idle Speed Screw This unit will need WARNING: to be running during idle speed adjustment. Wear protective clothing and observe all safety instructions to prevent serious personal injury. Also, DO NOT set unit on any surface except a clean, hard area while starting or performing any adjustments. Debris such as gravel, sand, dust, grass, etc. could be picked up by the air intake and thrown out by the discharge opening, damaging unit, property, or ca...

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