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Инструкция по эксплуатации Axor, модель Widespread Lavatory Faucet 31730001

Производитель: Axor
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mounting surface thickness 1 1/8" Hole sizes in mounting surface Spout 1 3/8" Valves 1 1/4" Max. incoming water pressure 145 PSI Recommended incoming water pressure 22 - 72 PSI Max. incoming hot water temp. 176°F* Recommended incoming hot water temp. 120° - 140°F* Max. flow rate -- lavatory faucets 2.2 gpm Max. flow rate -- bidet faucet 2.2 gpm The bidet faucet is not suitable for use on vertical spray bidets. This faucet may be used with a continuous flow water heater if the flow pressure is at least 20 PSI. For best results, Hansgrohe recommends that this faucet be installed by a licensed, professional plumber. *Please know and follow all applicable local codes when setting the temperature on the water heater. 31063XX1 31263XX1 31730XX1 32310XX1 Note: To prevent shipping damage, the spout is attached to the spout escutcheon with two adhesive strips. These strips must be removed before the spout is installed. Loosen the spout screw with a 2.5 mm Allen wrench.Pull the spout away from the escutcheon. Remove the adhesive strips. Reassemble the spout assembly so that the hole for the pull rod is at the rear of the spout. adhesive strips Installation Remove the valve mounting nuts from the valves. From below the mounting surface, push the valves up into the holes. Install the mounting nuts on the valves. Tighten the tensioning screws. Place the handles over the valve mounting nuts. Tighten the handles by rotating the escutcheons clockwise. The handles should be parallel to the basin. If necessary, loosen the tensioning screws and rotate the valve slightly. Install the spout. Rotate the spout escutcheon if necessary, so that the hole for the pull rod is at the rear. Tighten the mounting nut. Tighten the tensioning screws. Screw the connecting hoses into the spout tee. Slide the 3/8" compression nuts and ferrules over the ends of the hoses. Connect the hoses to the valve outlets. Use two wrenches so that the hoses do not twist or become loosened from the spout tee. Install the supply lines (not included). Install the drain. Turn on the water and check all connections for leaks. Install the pop-up drain Remove the plunger assembly. Unscrew the drain outlet flange from the tee. Unscrew the tailpiece from the tee. Wrap the threads with two layers of Teflon tape and replace. Install the white, flexible sealing gasket on the flange. Place it in the sink outlet. From under the sink, install the black mack gasket, white friction ring and retainer nut to the flange. Do not tighten the nut against the bottom of the sink at this time. Thread the tee and tailpiece to the flange. The pivot must face the faucet. If necessary, turn the d...

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