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Инструкция по эксплуатации Hans Grohe, модель WILLIAMSBURG 2804

Производитель: Hans Grohe
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Insert FAUCET (1) and CABLE CONNECTOR (2) through mounting holes of Sink or mounting surface. Fig. A. Assemble LOCKNUTS (3) onto SHANKS (4) ( from under side of Sink. Hand tighten firmly. Fig. B. 2 2 1 4 3 3 4 (HAND TIGHTEN) M968422Rev.1.2 TM Fig. A. Fig. B. 1 Congratulations on purchasing your American Standard faucet with Speed Connect drain, a feature found only on American Standard faucets. *Your new American Standard faucet is designed to work only with the Speed Connect drain. Heplful tips for removing your current drain can be found in the Troubleshooting section of these instructions. To ensure that your installation proceeds smoothly-please read these instructions carefully before you begin. Speed Connect™ Drain* • Fewer parts, installs in less time • Never needs adjustment • Guaranteed to seal properly the first time, every time. Turn off water at CAUTION main supply. INSTALL POP-UP DRAIN 3 INSTALL BLACK GASKET 2 Install BLACK CONE GASKET (1) onto DRAIN BODY (2) from below. Note: The flat side of the BLACK CONE GASKET (1) must face down. 4 Drop DRAIN BODY (4) through sink drain hole. Make sure WHITE FOAM GASKET (5) is under flange of DRAIN BODY (4). Fig. B. Note: No plumber’s putty or caulk is required. The CABLE ATTACHMENT POINT (6) must face towards the rear of the SINK. Fig. B. Remove CLEAR PLASTIC COVER (1). Remove CARDBOARD SPACER (2) from under DRAIN POP-UP (3). Fig. A. 2 REAR OF SINK 4 5 6 3 1 SINK DRAIN HOLE FLAT SIDE OF GASKET MUST FACE DOWN 1 2 Fig. A. 2 1 FLAT SIDE OF GRAY LOCKNUT MUST FACE UP INSTALL GRAY LOCKNUT 5 Install GRAY LOCKNUT (1) onto DRAIN BODY (2) from below SINK. Fig. A. Note: The flat side of the GRAY LOCKNUT (1) must face up. Tighten firmly by hand. No tools are required. Check DRAIN FLANGE in SINK to ensure that WHITE FOAM GASKET (3) is fully compressed and not visible. Fig. B. POP-UP KNOB (1) must be fully down. POP-UP KNOB Fig. A. Fig. B. 3 WHITE FOAM GASKET NOT VISIBLE DRAIN FLANGE Fig. B. 1 M968422 Rev.1.2 DOWN 2 COMPRESSION NUT 3/8” COMPRESSION CONNECTION COUPLING NUT FLEXIBLE SUPPLIES 3/8 O.D. BULL-NOSE RISERS Thread CABLE CONNECTOR (1) clockwise onto DRAIN BODY CONNECTION (2) and hand tighten. Fig. A. Your new POP-UP DRAIN installation is now complete. Fig. B. Note: Tailpeice on pop-up drain is 1-1/4” O.D. Fig. B. 6 ATTACH CABLE CONNECTOR Fig. A. 2 1 Operate LIFT KNOB (1) to verify that STOPPER (2) opens and closes. Fig. B. Note: If STOPPER (2) does not open and close properly then refer to the “troubleshooting section” of these instructions. 7 CHECK OPERATION OF POP-UP 1-1/4” O.D. Fig. B. 1/2" PIPE THREAD 2 Connect water supply to FAUCET (1) with 1/2" IPS FLEXIBLE SUPPLIES (2) or 3/8" O.D. BULL-NOSE RISERS (3). Use adjustable wrench to tighten connections. Do not over tighten. Be careful not to kink copper supply when bending. Use tubing cutter to cut to proper length. Connect 1-1/4” O.D. tailpiece on POP-UP DRAIN to waste outlet. 8 MAKE WATER SUPPLY AND WASTE CONNECTIONS FERRULE 1 2 3 NOTE: FLEXIBLE ...

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