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Инструкция по эксплуатации American Standard, модель WILLIAMSBURG 2804

Производитель: American Standard
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Insert MOUNTING ROD ASSEMBLY (1) into METAL HANDLE (3), HANDLE COLLAR (4) and O-RING (5). 3 2 6 1 4 7 Thread HANDLE ASSEMBLY (6) into ball of HANDLE BASE (7). Apply pressure to the MOUNTING ROD ASSEMBLY (1) while turning the HANDLE COLLAR (4), in order to tighten firmly. 5 SERVICE ALIGN HANDLES 11 To change direction of handle rotation, proceed as follows: Turn valve to OFF position. Pull out INDEX CAP and remove HANDLE SCREW. Remove SPRING CLIP. Lift STOP WASHER, turn 90° and replace. Replace SPRING CLIP. Replace ADAPTER, HANDLE, SCREW, and INDEX CAP. AERATOR may accumulate dirt causing distorted and reduced water flow. Remove AERATOR and rinse clean. If spout drips, operate handles several times from OFF to ON position. Do not force - handles turn only 90°. Pull out INDEX CAP (1) and remove HANDLE SCREW (2), HANDLE (3) and ADAPTER (4). Push ADAPTER (4) on VALVE STEM (5). Find correct position of HANDLE (3) by adjusting male teeth on ADAPTER (4) to female teeth on HANDLE (3). Replace HANDLE SCREW (2) and push in INDEX CAP (1). SPRING CLIP STOP WASHER 90 1 2 3 4 5 4 DO: SIMPLY RINSE THE PRODUCT CLEAN WITH CLEAR WATER. DRY WITH A SOFT COTTON FLANNEL CLOTH. DO NOT: DO NOT CLEAN THE PRODUCT WITH SOAPS, ACID, POLISH, ABRASIVES, HARSH CLEANERS, OR A CLOTH WITH A COARSE SURFACE. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: ...

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Сантехника - WILLIAMSBURG 2804 (463.43 kb)

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