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Инструкция по эксплуатации Zenoah, модель ZENOAH EBZ3000RH

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WORKING CIRCUMSTANCE 1. To reduce the risk of injury associated with exhaust fume inhalat i o n , d o n o t o p e r a t e i n unventilated area. The exhaust gases contain harmful carbon monoxide. 2. Avoid using the blower where stable footing and balance are not assured. 3. Never operate the machine in high wind, bad weather, potentially explosive atmosphere, when visibility is poor or in very high or low temperatures. (Our recommended use environment is below 40 degrees C (104 degrees F).) AVOID NOISE PROBLEM IMPORTANT Check and follow the local regulations as to sound level and hours of operations for blower. 1. Operate power equipment only at reasonable hours-not early in the morning or late at night when people might be disturbed. Comply with times listed in local ordinances. 2. To reduce sound levels, limit the number of pieces of equipment used at any one time. 3. Operate power blowers at the lowest possible throttle speed to do the job. 4. Check your equipment before operation, especially the muffler, air intakes and air filters. WORKING PLAN • When planning your work schedule, allow plenty of time to rest. Limit the amount of time over which the product is to be used continuously to somewhere around 30 ~ 40 minutes per session, and take 10 ~ 20 minutes of rest between work sessions. Also try to keep the total amount of work performed in a single day under 2 hours or less. FUEL WARNING To reduce the risk of fire and burn injury: a) Handle fuel with care. It is highly flammable. b) Do not smoke while handing fuel. c) Do not refuel a hot engine. d) Do not refuel a running engine. e) Avoid spilling fuel or oil. Always wipe unit dry before using. f ) Move at least 10 ft. (3 meters) away from the fueling point before starting engine. g) Always store gasoline in a container approved for flammable liquids. h) Make sure the unit is properly assembled and in good operating condition. i ) Do not use the blower near a fire, as aiming the blower in the direction of a flame may cause flammable substances to ignite. BEFORE STARTING THE ENGINE • Each time before starting the engine, inspect the entire unit to see if every part is in good order and is securely tightened in place. If any damage is found in the fuel line, the exhaust line, or the ignition wiring, do not use the blower until it has been repaired. IMPORTANT • Before starting operation, always make sure to check if any obstacles are left inside the volute case and net. The obstacles may cause damage on fan and volute case and serious injury. EBZ3000RH 5. For safe operation WARNING • Check to see if the shock-absorbing rubber mount has become cracked or otherwise damaged. Note that failing to replace this rubber mount when it has become cracked or damaged may cause the engine to come loose from its frame during use, thus resulting in possible serious bodily injury. • If cracked, be sure to replace without delay. WARNING • To reduce the risk of injury associated with contacting rotating parts, stop the engine before installing or removing attachments. Do not operate without net in place. Always disconnect the spark plug before performing maintenance or accessing movable parts. USING THE PRODUCT WARNING While using the product, if abnormal noise or vibration occurs, stop the engine immediately and contact the nearest ZENOAH servicing dealer for assistance. Checking the fan is very important. If the rotating fan should break up, it might lead to serious accidents. 1. This blower is a backpack type, and is shouldered while operating. It is operated and controlled with the handle on the tube by right hand. 2. Check the work area that the blower will be used in and remove or cover all valuables that may be damaged by the air blast or thrown debris. 3. Make sure you can move and stand safely. Check the area around you for possible obstacles (roots, rocks, branches, ditches, etc.) in case you have to move suddenly. Take great care when working on sloping ground. 4. To reduce the risk of injury associated with thrown objects. a) Watch out for children, pets, open windows or freshly washed cars, and blow debris safely away. b) Use the full blower nozzle extension so the air stream can work G close to the ground. B c) Do not allow bystanders in work area. d) Do not point the blower tube in the direction of people or pets. e) Always check to be sure that no debris has been blown onto someone else’s property. f) Pay attention to the direction of the wind, do not work against the wind. g) Never point a blower tube toward an open flame to avoid the possibility of igniting the unit, causing injury to yourself or damage to surroundings. 5. To minimize blowing time. a) Use rakes and brooms to loosen debris before blowing. b) In dusty conditions, slightly dampen surfaces or use mister attachment when water is available. c) Conserve water by using power blowers instead of hoses for many lawn and garden applications, including areas such as gutters, screens, patios, grills, p...

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