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Инструкция по эксплуатации Lenoxx Electronics, модель XP15

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Warranty** 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and all remaining covered components. **Applies to residential applications only. See actual warranty certificate for details. Note: Manufacturers’ public ratings. Typical 80 dB air conditioner/heat pump vs. XP15-024 or 030. Efficient compared to an older heat pump, the Xp15 heat pump can save you hundreds of dollars each year. The XP15 heat pump provides cooling efficiencies of up to 16.70 SEER and heating efficiencies of up to 9.00 HSPF. The higher the efficiency rating, the higher your energy savings. In the case of the XP15 heat pump, those savings can translate to hundreds of dollars each year. seer16.00 vs. 10.0 16.00 vs. 13.00 $1200 $1000 $800 $600 $400 0 16.00 SEER XP15 heat pump, compared to older, less efficient units 5-yeaR cooling savings This chart compares the 5-year savings you can expect from a 16 SEER heat pump vs. units with lower efficiency ratings. The regions used to calculate household fuel and utility costs reflect a cross-section of cities in the U.S. using 2006 Department of Energy national average energy rates. In addition to geography, cooling costs are based on 3-ton capacity specifications, with 1,600 cooling hours per year. Your actual costs will vary depending on the weather, local fuel rates, systems settings and your personal lifestyle. $1190 $455 Dave Lennox Signature® Collection XP15 Heat Pump The quieTesT heaT pump you can buy* The XP15 not only provides peace and quiet—it also offers peace of mind. The exclusive Lennox® System Operations Monitor continually monitors system performance, helping technicians solve problems faster and more accurately. And, like all Lennox products, the XP15 is built to deliver exceptional reliability with a promise of quality you can count on—season after season, year after year. sound inTensiTy *Air conditioners/heat pumps have sound ratings established per ARI’s test standard: ARI 70. Size for size, as a product family, these heat pumps have the lowest published sound ratings of any major U.S. brand of air conditioning/heat pump equipment. It would take 40 XP15s (running at full speed) to equal the sound from one typical heat pump. ouTsTanding FeaTuRes FoR eXcepTional comFoRT and eFFiciency silentcomfort™ Fan grill – Uses patent-pending, vortex-suppression technology to reduce sound of airflow exiting unit. Factory-installed lennox® system dave lennox Signature® collection Xp15 specifications operations monitor – Continually reviews system performance to allow fast troubleshooting. precision-balanced, direct-drive Fan – Delivers ultra-quiet operation with a patent-pending fan design. high-efficiency outdoor coil – Provides exceptional heat transfer and low air resistance for high-efficiency operation. dependable scroll compressor with silentcomfort™ Technology – Provides smooth, efficient and reliable operation. durable steel cabinet – Made to last with superior high-quality, pre-painted steel and textured finish. Tested to withstand the harshest environments. XP15 Up to 16.70 Seer and 9.00 HSPf the quietest heat pump you can buy.* Quality you can trust. Constructed of heavy-gauge, pre-painted steel and tested in the most extreme environments to ensure maximum durability. XP15 024 030 036 042 048 060 SEER Up to 16.70 Up to 15.50 Up to 15.20 Up to 14.00 Up to 15.50 Up to 14.20 HSPF Up to 8.70 Up to 8.50 Up to 9.00 Up to 7.20 Up to 8.70 Up to 8.70 Sound Rating*** – dB 63 63 68 68 70 70 Dimensions HxWxD (in.) 37 x 35-1/2 x 39-2/5 37 x 35-1/2 x 39-2/5 37 x 35-1/2 x 39-2/5 37 x 35-1/2 x 39-2/5 47 x 35-1/2 x 39-2/5 47 x 35-1/2 x 39-2/5 HxWxD (mm) 940 x 902 x 1001 940 x 902 x 1001 940 x 902 x 1001 940 x 902 x 1001 1194 x 902 x 1001 1194 x 902 x 1001 ***Preliminary sound data Note: Due to Lennox’ ongoing commitment to quality, all specifications, ratings and dimensions are subject to change without notice. 13.0-16.7021.0 13.0 THIS MODEL Proper sizing and installation of equipment Lennox is proud of the is critical to achieve optimal performance. fact that these products Split system air conditioners and heat have earned the good pumps must be matched with appropriate Housekeeping Seal. coil components to meet ENERgY STaR® criteria. ask your Lennox dealer for details, or visit . Air conditioner or heat pump . Thermostat . Furnace or air handler . Filtration device . Germicidal light . Indoor coil . Humidifier . HEPA bypass filtration system . Energy recovery ventilator •• Supply duct •• Return duct •• Dehumidifier system •• Residential generator cusTomize youR comFoRT Lennox® heating, cooling and indoor air quality products are ...

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