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Инструкция по эксплуатации Zanussi, модель ZOB 482 XL

Производитель: Zanussi
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These warnings are provided for the safety of the users and those living with them. So read themcarefully before connecting and/or using the appliance. Installation • The installation must be performed by a qualifiedperson in accordance with the rules and regulations inforce. The individual operations for installing theappliance are described under the instructions for theinstaller. • Have the appliance installed and connected by aqualified person with specialist knowledge, who willcarry it out in accordance with the directives. • If any modifications to the power supply are requiredbecause of the installation, these should also be carriedout by a qualified electrician. • This oven was made as a single appliance or as acombination appliance with electrical hotplate, depending on the model, for single-phase connectionto 230 V. Operation • This oven is designed for cooking foodstuffs; neveruse it for other purposes. • When opening the oven door during or at theend of cooking be careful of the stream of hot air, which comes out of the oven. • Be very careful when using the cooker. The extremeheat of the heating elements makes the shelves andother parts very hot. • If you should for whatever reason use aluminium foil tocook food in the oven, never allow it to come intodirect contact with the floor of the oven. • When cleaning the oven, proceed with care: neverspray anything onto the grease filter (if fitted), theheating elements and the thermostat sensor. • If is dangerous to make modifications of any kind tothis appliance or to its specifications. • During the baking, roasting and grilling process, theoven window and the other parts of the appliance gethot, so children should be kept away from theappliance. Take care, if connecting electricalappliances to sockets near the oven, that cables do notcome into contact with hot rings or get caught in theoven door. • Always use oven gloves to take hot ovenproof dishesor pots out of the oven. • Regular cleaning prevents the surface material fromdeteriorating. • Before cleaning the oven, either turn the power off orpull the mains plug out. • Make sure that the oven is in the “OFF” position, when the oven is no longer being used. • The appliance must not be cleaned with a superheatedsteam cleaner or a steam jet cleaner. • Do not use abrasive cleaners or sharp metal scrapers. These can scratch the glass in the oven door, whichmay result in the shattering of the glass. People Safety • This appliance is intended for use by adults. It isdangerous to allow children to use it or play with it. • Children should be kept away while the oven isworking. Also, after you have switched the oven off, itremains hot for a long time. • This appliance is not intended for use by children orother persons whose physical, sensory or mentalcapabilities or lack of experience and knowledgeprevents them from using the appliance safely withoutsupervision or instruction by a responsible person toensure that they can use the appliance safely. Customer Service • Have checks and/or repairs carried out by themanufacturer’s service department or by a servicedepartment authorised by the manufacturer and useonly original spare parts. • Do not attempt to repair the appliance yourself in theevent of malfunctions or damage. Repairs carried outby untrained persons may cause damage or injury. Environmental Information • After installation, please dispose of the packaging withdue regard to safety and the environment. • When disposing of an old appliance, make it unusable, by cutting off the cable. Remove any door catches to prevent small childrenbeing trapped inside. The symbol on the product or its packaging indicates that this product is not to be treated as normalhousehold waste. Instead it must be handed over to a collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronicequipment. The correct disposal of this product will help toprotect the environment and human health. Environmentand health are endangered by incorrect disposal. For moredetailed information about recycling of this product, pleasecontact your local town hall, your household wastedisposal service or the shop where you purchased theproduct. Description of the appliance 7 8 9 10 7. Air Vents for Cooling FanGrill 9. Ovel Light 10. Oven Fan 11. Rating plate 6. Mains On Indicator Oven accessories 1. Control Panel 2. Thermostat Control Indicator 3. Thermostat Control Knob 4. Electronic Programmer5. Oven Function Control Knob 811 4 53 621 ShelfCake tray Dripping pan Controls Push-Pull control knobs (Fig. 1) Some models are provided with push-pull control knobs. These knobs can be completely sunken inside the control panel when the oven is not working. Oven Function (Fig. 2) and Thermostat (Fig. 3) control knobs They enable to select the most appropriate type of heating for the different cooking requirements by appropriately connecting the heating elements and adjusting temperature to the required level. 0 OFF position Oven light Conventional c...

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