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Инструкция по эксплуатации Alvin, модель XV-4-XB

Производитель: Alvin
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Acrylic edges are elevated to prevent ink smears and steel ball-bearing pulleys provide smooth movement. Comes with all mounting hardware and installation instructions. No. Length SRP 1101-30 30" $139.00 ea 1101-36 36" 146.00 ea 1101-42 42" 159.00 ea 1101-48 48" 167.00 ea 1101-60 60" 189.00 ea ALVIN® Paral-Liner Delux Mobile Parallel Straightedge Deluxe version of the popular Paral-Liner Series, with an integral comfort grip bar to control straightedge movement. The brushed aluminum surface resists perspiration stains and corrosion, and provides a convenient pencil ledge as well. The “floating” roller movement allows the draftsman to move the straightedge with minimal effort and then lock it in place. No. Length SRP 2201-36 36" $162.00 ea 2201-42 42" 175.00 ea 2201-48 48" 185.00 ea 2201-60 60" 209.00 ea ALVIN® Guide-Line Acrylic Parallel Straightedge An affordable acrylic straightedge that features an elevated ruling edge for smudge-free inking. Smooth operation is provided by self-lubricating pulleys. The dual-function tunnel cap serves as a finger grip and cable channel. No. Length SRP 1102-30 30" $60.00 ea 1102-36 36" 65.00 ea 1102-42 42" 74.00 ea 1102-48 48" 84.00 ea MAYLINE® Mobile Parallel Ruling Straightedges Perfect for engineering and construction applications. Every Mayline parallel ruling straightedge begins with a durable, black phenolic laminate base where we inset a transparent blade for see-through registration and fine line quality. For those who work with a variety of surfaces, we designed a straightedge with retractile ball- bearing rollers of metal or Delrin built right into its base. They literally float over any surface whether it’s paper or film. The rollers come in chrome-plated brass or plastic. We recommend the plastic rollers for use with drafting films. Above-board mounting hardware included. No. Length SRP No. Length SRP With Metal Rollers With Delrin Plastic Rollers 7261A 36" $188.00 ea D7261A 36" $184.00 ea 7262A 42" 198.00 ea D7262A 42" 194.00 ea 7263A 48" 209.00 ea D7263A 48" 205.00 ea 7265A 60" 272.00 ea D7265A 60" 247.00 ea With Metal Rollers, E-Z Grip Cap With Delrin Plastic Rollers, E-Z Grip Cap 7272A 42" 255.00 ea D7272A 42" 261.00 ea 7273A 48" 291.00 ea D7273A 48" 293.00 ea MAYLINE® Mobile Parallel Ruling Straightedges with Armoredge These models have the same features as all of our other Mayline® straightedges. The Armoredge is a nearly invisible protective strip of 8 mil stainless steel that is applied to the leading edge of the Mayline® straightedge to resists nicks and dents from drawing tools. No. Length SRP With Delrin Plastic Rollers D7261ASE 36" $282.00 ea D7262ASE 42" 293.00 ea D7263ASE 48" 303.00 ea D7265ASE 60" 356.00 ea 22 Taborets Taborets ALVIN® Mobile Organizers Reasonably priced mobile organizers that can simplify your storage needs. Perfect for home, studio, office, or shop use. Unit is built with a strong black metal body frame, holding five rigid plastic drawers, 16"l x 11."w x 3."d. Top of unit is made from pressed wood with PVC laminate surface and edge trim. Unit is equipped with four hooded casters, two of which are locking. Shipped fully assembled. Overall dimensions with casters: 13."w x 17."d x 25."h. Shipping weight: 25 lbs. No. Description SRP TAB33 White $139.00 ea TAB33-BK Black 139.00 ea ALVIN® Rover Mobile Taboret A compact organizer ingeniously designed to bring order to the work area of professionals. Features pivoting utensil drawers (9."w 11"l x 1."deep, inside dimension) and multiple shelves, some of which can be removed to create a deep-well storage space for holding rolls of paper, tubes, and other long items in an upright position. Made of practically indestructible ABS plastic, the Rover taboret holds an incredible 500 pounds. Five hooded casters (four non-locking and one locking) assure stability and smooth mobility. Shipped fully assembled. Overall dimensions with casters: 29"h x 17"w x 16"d. Shipping No. Color Weight SRP TAB77-BK Black 27 lbs. $495.00 ea TAB77-WH White 27 lbs. 495.00 ea EARLY CHILDHOOD Mobile Organizers Multi-purpose organizer with brightly colored drawers, drawer sized 13." x 9." x 2.". Drawers feature metal pulls with label slots. Glides easily into narrow spaces on four casters, two locking. Tubular metal frame and metal top shelf. Easy to assemble, tools and instructions included. No. Description SRP ECR009 10-Drawer $89.00 ea ECR011 20-Drawer 146.00 ea ECR0261 12-Drawer 114.00 ea 34007 34005 34006 CROPPER HOPPER Mobile Storage Carts These rolling carts are ideal for storing large and small tools, embellishments, punches, stamps, paper, and more. The chrome frame and locking swivel casters are sturdy and stylish combined with the smoke-colored drawers. In the various drawer configurations, the regular depth drawers measure 2."h x 10."w x 14."d and the large, deep drawers measure 51.8"h x 10."w x 14."d. No. Description SRP 34005 6-Drawer $69.95 ea 34006 3-Drawer 59.95 ea 34007 10-Drawer 69.95 ea Flat Files ...

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