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Инструкция по эксплуатации GE, модель WB48X10055

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Open the windows to rid the room of smoke. Wait until the LOCKED light goes off. Wipe up the excess soil and reset the clean cycle. Oven door will not open after a clean cycle Oven too hot. • Allow the oven to cool below locking temperature. Oven not clean after a clean cycle Oven controls improperly set. • See the Using the self-cleaning oven section. Oven was heavily soiled. • Clean up heavy spillovers before starting the clean cycle. Heavily soiled ovens may need to self-clean again or for a longer period of time. "LOCK DOOR" flashes in the display The self-clean cycle has been selected but the door is not closed. • Close the oven door. LOCKED light is on when you want to cook The oven door is locked because the temperature inside the oven has not dropped below the locking temperature. • Touch the CLEAR/OFF pad. Allow the oven to cool. 23 ts .o <¡5 j| ts .o <& 1 18 § .§“ is -S 13 c £ ¿2 Before you call for service. @ Troubleshooting Tips Problem Possible Causes What To Do "F— and a number or letter" flash in the display You have a function error code. If the function code repeats. • Touch the CLEAR/OFF pad. Allow the oven to cool for one hour. Put the oven back into operation. • Disconnect all power to the oven for at least 30 seconds and then reconnect power. If the function error code repeats, call for service. Display goes blank A fuse in your home may be blown or the circuit breaker tripped. The clock is in the black-out mode. • Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker. • See the Special features of your oven control section. Display flashes Power failure. • Reset the clock. Unable to get the display to show "SF" Oven control pads were not pressed properly. • The BAKE and BROIL HI/LO pads must be touched at the same time and held for 3 seconds. Power outage, clock flashes Power outage or surge. • Reset the clock. If the oven was in use, you must reset it by touching the CLEAR/OFF pad, setting the clock and resetting any cooking function. "Burning" or "oily" odor emitting from the vent This is normal in a new oven and will disappear in time. • To speed the process, set a self-clean cycle for a minimum of 3 hours. See the Using the self-cleaning oven section. Strong odor An odor from the insulation around the inside of the oven is normal for the first few times the oven is used. • This is temporary. Fan noise A cooling fan may automatically turn on. • This is normal. The cooling fan will turn on to cool internal parts. It may run for up to 2 hours after the oven is turned off. 24 GE Service Protection Plus™ GE, a name recognized worldwide for quality and dependability, offers you Service Protection Plus™—comprehensive protection on all your appliances— No Matter What Brand! Benefits Include: • Backed by GE • All brands covered • Unlimited service calls • All parts and labor costs included • No out-of-pocket expenses • No hidden deductibles • One 800 number to call You will be completely satisfied with our service protection or you may request your money back on the remaining value of your contract. No questions asked. It’s that simple. Protect your refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer, range, TV, VCR and much more—any brand! Plus there’s no extra charge for emergency service and low monthly financing is available. Even icemaker coverage and food spoilage protection is offered. You can rest easy, knowing that all your valuable household products are protected against expensive repairs. Place your confidence in GE and call us in the U.S. toll-free at 800.626.2224 for more information. *All brands covered, up to 20 years old, in the continental U.S. ...........................................................................................Cut here Please place in envelope and mail to: General Electric Company Warranty Registration Department P.O. Box 32150 Louisville, KY 40232-2150 Well Cover Any Appliance. Anywhere. Anytime.* 25 Consumer Product Ownership Registration Dear Customer: Thank you for purchasing our product and thank you for placing your confidence in us. We are proud to have you as a customer! Follow these three steps to protect your new appliance investment: Complete and mail your Consumer Product Ownership Registration today. Have the peace of mind of knowing we can contact you in the unlikely event of a safety modification. After mailing the registration below, store this document in a safe place. It contains information you will need should you require service. Our service number is 800.GE.CARES (800.432.2737). Read your Owner’s Manual carefully. It will help you operate your new appliance properly. Model Number Serial Number J_I_I_I_I_I_I_I_I_I_L J_I_I_I_I_I_L Important: If you did not get a registration card with your product, detach and return the form below to ensure that your product is registered, or register online at ge.com. Cut here Consumer Product Ownership Registration Model Number Serial N...

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