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Инструкция по эксплуатации GE, модель WB48X10057

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When the display shows 3 the oven is baking/roasting. Touch the + or - pads to set the desired length of cooking time between 1 minute and 9 hours and 59 minutes. The cooking time that you entered will be displayed. Touch the START/ON pad. Touch the BAKE pad. No signal will be given. After a random delay period of approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute, 3 c will appear in the display indicating that the oven is baking/roasting. If 3 c doesn’t appear in the display, start again at Step 7. To adjust the oven temperature, touch the BAKE pad and tap the + or - pads to increase or decrease the temperature in 25° increments. Touch the START/ON pad. When cooking is finished, the display will change from 3 to 3 indicating that the oven has turned OFF but is still set in Sabbath. Remove the cooked food. 13 Using the Sabbath Feature. (Designed for use on the Jewish Sabbath and Holidays) (on some models) BAKE TEMP V RECALL y + BROIL V HI/LO > CLOCK How to Exit the Sabbath Feature № Touch the CLEAR/OFF pad. rpl If the oven is cooking, wait for a random — delay period of approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute, until only 3 is in the display. Touch and hold both the BAKE and BROIL HI/LO pads, at the same time, until the display shows SF. 5 Tap the CLOCK pad until ON or OFF appears in the display. ON indicates that the oven will automatically turn off after 12 hours. OFF indicates that the oven will not automatically turn off. See the Special Features section for an explanation of the 12 Hour Shut-Off feature. Touch the START/ON pad. NOTE: If a power outage occurred while the oven was in Sabbath, the oven will automatically turn off and stay off even when the power returns. The oven control must be reset:. Adjust the oven thermostat—Do it yourself! You may find that your new oven cooks differently than the one it replaced. Use your new oven for a few weeks to become more familiar with it. If you still think your new oven is too hot or too cold, you can adjust the thermostat yourself. Do not use thermometers, such as those found in grocery stores, to check the temperature setting of your oven. These thermometers may vary 20-40 degrees. NOTE: This adjustment will not affect the broiling or the self-cleaning temperatures. The adjustment will be retained in memory after a power failure. To Adjust the Thermostat № Touch the BAKE and BROIL HI/LO pads at the same time until the display shows SF. Touch the BAKE pad. A two-digit number shows in the display. The oven temperature can be adjusted up to (+) 35°F hotter or (—) 35°F cooler. Touch the + pad to increase the temperature in 1-degree increments. Touch the — pad to decrease the temperature in 1-degree increments. When you have made the adjustment, touch the START/ON pad to go back to the time of day display. Use your oven as you would normally. NOTE: This adjustment will not affect the broiling or self-cleaning temperatures. It will be retained in memory after a power failure. The type of margarine will affect baking performance! Most recipes for baking have been developed using high-fat products such as butter or margarine (80% fat). If you decrease the fat, the recipe may not give the same results as with a higher-fat product Recipe failure can result if cakes, pies, pastries, cookies or candies are made with low-fat spreads. The lower the fat content of a spread product, the more noticeable these differences become. Federal standards require products labeled “margarine” to contain at least 80% fat by weight. Low-fat spreads, on the other hand, contain less fat and more water. The high moisture content of these spreads affects the texture and flavor of baked goods. For best results with your old favorite recipes, use margarine, butter or stick spreads containing at least 70% vegetable oil. 14 Using the self-cleaning oven. ge.com a Q S I O' s Wipe up heavy soil on the oven bottom. Before a Clean Cycle We recommend venting your kitchen with an open window or using a ventilation fan or hood during the first self-cleaning cycle. Remove the broiler pan, broiler grid, all cookware and any aluminum foil from the oven. NOTE: ■ If your oven is equipped with shiny, silver-colored oven shelves, remove them before you begin the self-cleaning cycle. ■ If your oven is equipped with gray porcelain-coated oven shelves, they may be left in the oven during the self-cleaning cycle. The shiny, silver-colored oven shelves (on some models) can be self-cleaned, but they will darken, lose their luster and become hard to slide. Soil on the front frame of the range and outside the gasket on the door will need to be cleaned by hand. Clean these areas with hot water, soap-filled scrubbing pads or cleansers such as Soft Scrub®. Rinse well with clean water and dry. Do not clean the gasket. The fiberglass material of the oven door gasket cannot withstand abrasion. It is essential for the gasket to remain intact. If you notice it becoming worn or f...

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