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Инструкция по эксплуатации Tanaka, модель TMC-200

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s Man s Mans Mans Mans Mans Man ual ualualualualual Model Numbers: TMC-200 TMC-200TMC-200TMC-200TMC-200TMC-200 MINI-CUL MINI-CULMINI-CULMINI-CULMINI-CULMINI-CUL TIV TIVTIVTIVTIVTIV A AAAAA T TTTTT OR OROROROROR Date 09-07-01 TMC-200 Supplier ToThe Outdoor Power Equipment Industry ISM, Inc. . 1028 4th Street SW . Auburn, WA 98001 . Phone: (253) 333-1200 . Fax: (253) 333-1212 tanaka-usa.com custsvc@tanaka-ism.com TMC-200, MINI-CULTIVATOR Owner.s Manual This mini-cultivator has been developed as an attachment for Tanaka brush cutters. With the application of this unit your brush cutter can be converted into compact and handy tilling machine. Installation is simple. Please read this manual for installation and starting job. I. ASSEMBLING PROCEDURES NOTE: Prepare two 10mm wrenches for assembling. 1. First, remove gear case assembly from your brush cutter by removing pipe tightening screws (1) and pipe lock screw (2), then remove safety cover of brush cutter. (Fig. 1) 2. Install safety cover (3) and the collar (4) of Mini-cultivator by insetting onto shaft pipe (5) and fix it temporarily keeping the model name on the cover upright.(Fig.2) 3. Install Mini-cultivator unit onto the pipe end where gear case has been removed from by aligning drive shaft (6) and squared or splined hole in gear case. If drive shift does not fit into the hole, try to turn the whole unit slightly right and left. (Fig. 4) 4. Once the unit is completely inserted, meet the locking hole of pipe and that of gear case, tighten the lock screw (7) in the hole and pipe tightening screws (8) in order. (Fig. 4) NOTE: After installation, you can not turn tines by hand due to its worm gear mechanism. 5. Finally secure the safety cover a minimum of 2 in. from the gear case. NOTE: If your unit is model TBC-265 which has larger sized shaft pipe, remove the bracket collar (9) and gear case collar B (10) and install. (Fig. 3) II. OPERATING PROCEDURES 1. As to general safety operation and power head operation such as engine starting/shut off, etc, please refer to the owners manual provided with your Tanaka brush cutter. 2. How to till: a. For standard tilling. Walk forward as pulling and pushing the unit little by little like using a vacuum cleaner. (Fig. 5) When you want to erase your foot-prints, pull the unit backwards. (Fig. 6) tanaka-usa.com 1 custsvc@tanaka-ism.com TMC-200, MINI-CULTIVATOR Owner.s Manual b. For shallow tilling, move the unit quickly over soil surface. (Fig. 7) For deeper tilling, hold the unit over the same area with the gentle back and forth motion. (Fig. 8) NOTE: a. Working throttle position depends on your size of engine and tilling depth but half way open is standard. If tines rotate too fast, the unit is likely to hop. b. Do not work in rocky area. If the tines jammed with rock or hard soil, or tangled around with long grasses, shut off engine first, then remove the obstruction. (Fig. 9) c. Do not use the unit in water or rooted, vine area. (Fig. 10 & 11) d. The tines are pre-assembled at factory, when reassembling them, be aware of their direction. e. Do not touch the gear case with bare hand right after operation. It gets hot. f. Supply proper amount of lithium-based grease, such as Shell Aluvania grease R2, Shell Aluvania EP grease 2, Mobile-Mobilux EP2 or equivalent after every 25 hours of use. (Fig. 12) g. When reassembling, be sure to use 40grams of molybdenum added lithium-based grease or Shell Retinax AM or equivalent. tanaka-usa.com 2 custsvc@tanaka-ism.com TMC-200, MINI-CULTIVATOR Owner.s Manual MAJOR PARTS Illustration of brush cutter side may change according to you unit. APPLICATIONS: MODEL TANAKA BRUSH CUTTER TMC-200 (For spline end drive shaft) TBC2211/2501/2510/270PF/PN/300/3010/4500/4501/220/220SS/240/250/265/300 AST-210/7000/7000S, SUM-321E/4001500 (QUM-221, after seri al # G182721) (SUM-318, after serial # M211775/SUM-328, after serial # J085451) (SUM-422, after serial # N089844) (TBC-321/355/355SDH, SUM-368, after serial N168643) tanaka-usa.com 3 custsvc@tanaka-ism.com TMC-200, MINI-CULTIVATOR , MINI-CULTIVATOR Owner.s Manual Ref. Number Parts Number Description Qty Ref. Number Parts Number Description Qty 001 400-39907-20 LOCK PIN 2 024 990-21060-121 BOLT 6XI2 1 002 ASP-100 SNAP PIN 8 2 025 992-10060-012 S.WASHER 6 1 003 990-21060-121 BOLT 6X 12 6 026 990-21060-251 BOLT 6X25 1 004 992-10060-012 S.WASHER 6 6 027 249-063OG-20 SPACER 1 005 820-39907-20 CUTTER 2 028 301-39909-20 GEAR WHEEL 1 006 310-39907-20 CUTTER HOLDER 2 029 318-39907-20 GEAR CASE GASKET 1 007 307-39907-20 PROTECTION COVER 2 030 323-39907-20 GEAR CASE COVER 1 008 999-66152-863 OIL SEAL 15286 2 031 992-10050-012 S.WASHER 5 4 009 993-51028-002 STOP RING 0-28, INNER 3 032 990-11050-101 SCREW 5XlO 4 010 999-61690-200 BALL BEARING 6902,28MM/OD 2 033 990-21060-181 BOLT 6X 18 2 012 304-39907-20 DRIVE SHAFT 1 034 442-33671-20 COVER BRACKET, 26 DIA. 1 013 120-32201-20 WOOD-RUFF KEY 5X22X7XI4 1 035 445-39907-20 SAFETY COVER HOLDER 1 014 322-39907-20 GEA...

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