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Инструкция по эксплуатации Cal Flame, модель Woodcrest Series

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A Savannah Rectangle Gazebo Assembly Step 2: Roof Frame Assembly When assembling the roof frame, it is recommended that you lay everything out and assemble it on a fl at surface. It is also recommended that there be another person available when installing the roof frame on to the gazebo walls. Check the parts list that came with your gazebo and make sure that all the parts are present. Also, please follow the written steps in conjunction with the figures that are shown. 1. Take the gable ends and attach together using drywall screws (Figure A). Use the toe-in method for attachment. 2. Stand each gable end up and place about 6’ apart. 3. Take two 2”x4”x67” common rafters and attach them to both gable ends (Figure B). This will keep the roof frame assembly stable while completing the assembly process. 4. Attach two rafter boards at the ends of the gable roof assembly (Figure B). 5. Take four common rafters and attach them to their corresponding locations (as shown in Figure B). Make sure that each common rafter is spaced equally apart. 6. Using the provided drywall screws, attach the corbels (Figure B). 7. Repeat these steps until the roof frame assembly is complete. Page 8 2007 Woodcrest Series Gazebo Owner’s Manual LTR20071040, Rev. A Savannah Rectangle Gazebo Assembly Step 3: Roof Panel Installation It is strongly recommended that you use a ladder for the final steps of the gazebo assembly. 1. Each roof section (4 total) must be set on top of the wall panel assembly and secured. When complete, tie in each roof section to the next roof section with drywall screws (Figures A, B and C). 2. Use 2”x4” splice to reinforce the underside of the roof sections. Secure using drywall screws (Figure D). 2007 Woodcrest Series Gazebo Owner’s Manual Page 9 LTR20071040, Rev. A Savannah Rectangle Gazebo Assembly Step 4: Roof Installation It is strongly recommended that you use a ladder for the final steps of the gazebo assembly. When installing the T1-11 plywood (grooved side facing down), the edge of the plywood should overhang the edge of the plexiglass gable end 4 1/2”. 1. Begin by placing one roof panel on to the roof section and secure using drywall screws (Figure A). Repeat this step until all of the roof panels are secured. 2. Once the roof panels are secured, roll out the felt paper along the bottom of the roof panels (Figure B). Make sure that each layer of felt paper overlaps the previous layer. 3. To help reinforce the gable ends, attach a corbel to each side, on the gable seam. Secure with drywall screws (Figure B). Place each roof tile panel on top of the roof. Do not secure yet. Line up tile panels and make sure that everything is fl ush, all the way around (Figure B) and that all the channels fi t together. Please use the following methods to secure the tile panels (Figure C): a. Use 1 1/2” screws around the outside portion of the roof (outer-most edge). b. Use 3/4” screws staggered all across the roof panels, in the valleys. 6. Attach the roof trim on each end of the roof using drywall screws (Figure C). 7. Place the ridgecap on top of the roof assembly and attach using drywall screws (Figure C). 4. 5. Page 10 2007 Woodcrest Series Gazebo Owner’s Manual LTR20071040, Rev. A Cleaning and Maintenance Your gazebo was designed with low cleaning and maintenance in mind. We recommend that the gazebo be cleaned at least twice a month (or more, if needed). When cleaning your gazebo, do not use cleaning solvents -- using a sponge and water will be fi ne. For ground-in dirt and grime, refer to the following section. Maintaining your gazebo is an easy task. We recommend that every six months you inspect the wood on your gazebo. Take note of any deformities in the wood (i.e. cracking, peeling, dirt, grime, etc.). Spot sand these areas with 120-grit sandpaper and wipe these areas clean with a damp rag. When dry, apply a coat of stain or paint to the sanded area. Wipe the stained area clean and reapply until the sanded area matches the rest of the gazebo. An 8 oz. can of stain is supplied with each gazebo. To replace the can of stain, contact your local Cal Enclosures dealer. On models that have plexi-glass windows, use cheese cloth and warm water. These windows are made of plexi-glass and do not hold up well under abrasive commercial cleaners. Appendix Troubleshooting Q: Why won’t the windows on the gazebo stay open or closed? A: This is most likely due to the fact that your foundation is not level. Foundations will most likely have a 1/4” pitch for drainage reasons. To rectify this problem, the gazebo should be shimmed on the low side. Using a standard level, shim the low side so that the gazebo is level. Q: Why won’t the roof panels sit correctly on the roof frame? A: Check the top plate on the top center frame and make sure it is level and installed correctly. Q: My roof and wall panels are not lining up correctly, and there are small gaps in the joint seams. Why is this? A: The main support post is not plumb (meaning...

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