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Инструкция по эксплуатации Bakers Pride Oven, модель Wall Mount/Under Counter Proofer/Holding Cabinet PHC23-AR12

Производитель: Bakers Pride Oven
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! ! WARNING Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause property damage, injury or death. Read the Installation, Operating and Maintenance Instructions thoroughly before installing or servicing this equipment. ! This equipment has been engineered to provide you with year round dependable service when used according to the instructions in this manual and standard commercial kitchen practices. P/. 78009. 3/0. Phone: +1 (214) 421-7366 Fax: +1 (214) 565-0976 Toll Free: +1 (800) 441-1601 BevLes Website: 729 Third Avenue E-mail: sales@BevLes.com Dallas, TX 75226 1 The BevLes Company takes pride in the design and quality of our products. When used as intended and with proper care and maintenance, you will experience years of reliable operation from this equipment. To ensure best results, it is important that you read and follow the instructions in this manual carefully. Installation and start-up should be performed by a qualified installer who thoroughly read, understands and follows these instruction. If you have questions concerning the installation, operation, maintenance or service of this product, write TechnicalServiceDepartment BevLesCompany,Inc.,729ThirdAvenue,Dallas,TX75226 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Before installing and operating this equipment be sure everyone involved in its operation is fully trained and aware of all precautions. Accidents and problems can result by a failure to follow fundamental rules and precautions. The following words and symbols, found in this manual, alert you to hazards to the operator, service personnel or the equipment. The words are defined as follows: ! WARNING: Thissymbolreferstoapotentialhazardorunsafepractice,whichcouldresultinseriousinjuryordeath.! !! DANGER: Thissymbolwarnsofimminenthazardwhichmayresultinseriousinjuryordeath. !! CAUTION: Thissymbolreferstoapotentialhazardorunsafepractice,whichmayresultinminorormoderateinjuryorproductorpropertydamage. !! NOTICE: Thissymbolreferstoinformationthatneedsspecialattentionormustbefullyunderstoodeventhoughnotdangerous. GENERAL INFORMATION THIS MANUAL SHOULD BE RETAINED FOR FUTURE REFERENCE ! CAUTION: Thes. model. ar. designed. built. an. sol. fo. commercia. use. I. thes. model. ar. positione. s. th. genera. publi. ca. us. th. equipmen. mak. sur. tha. cautions. warnings. an. operatin. instruction. ar. clearl. poste. nea. eac. uni. s. tha. anyon. usin. th. equipmen. wil. us. i. correctl. an. no. injur. themselve. o. har. th. equipment. ! ! WARNING: Chec. th. dat. plat. o. thi. uni. befor. installation. Connec. th. uni. onl. t. th. voltag. an. frequenc. liste. o. th. dat. plate. Connec. onl. t. singl. phas. a. liste. o. th. dat. plate. ! ! WARNING: Electrica. an. groundin. connection. mus. compl. wit. th. applicabl. portion. o. th. nationa. electrica. cod. and/o. othe. loca. electrica. codes. ! ! WARNING: This appliance must be serviced by an Authorized Service Technician only. Before cleaning or servicing the unit, disconnect device from electrical power supply and place a Tag Out-Lockout on the power plug, indicating that you are working on the circuit. ! WARNING: Instal. pe. th. spacin. requirement. liste. i. th. installatio. sectio. o. thi. manual. W. strongl. recommen. havin. . competen. professiona. instal. th. equipment. . license. electricia. shoul. mak. th. electrica. connection. an. connec. powe. t. th. unit. Loca. code. shoul. alway. b. use. whe. connectin. thes. unit. t. electrica. power. I. th. absenc. o. loca. codes. us. th. lates. versio. o. th. Nationa. Electrica. Code. ! ! ! WARNING: Thi. devic. shoul. b. safel. an. adequatel. grounde. i. accordanc. wit. loca. codes. o. i. th. absenc. o. loca. codes. wit. th. Nationa. Electrica. code. ANSI/NFP. 70. Lates. Editio. t. protec. th. use. fro. electrica. shock. I. require. . grounde. syste. an. . dedicate. circuit. protecte. b. . fus. o. circui. breake. o. prope. siz. an. rating. Canadia. installatio. mus. compl. wit. th. Canadia. Electrica. Code. CS. C22.2. a. applicable. ! 2 ! ! ! ! ! ! WARNING: Neve. clea. an. electrica. uni. b. immersin. i. i. water. Tur. of. befor. cleanin. surface. WARNING: A. earthin. cabl. mus. connec. th. applianc. t. al. othe. unit. i. th. complet. installatio. an. fro. ther. t. a. independen. eart. connection. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! IMMEDIATELY INSPECT FOR SHIPPING DAMAGE All containers should be examined for damage before and during unloading. The freight carrier has assumed responsibility for its safe transit and delivery. If equipment is received damaged, either apparent or concealed, a claim must be made with the delivering carrier. A) Apparent damage or loss must be noted on the freight bill at the time of delivery. It must then be signed by the carrier representative (Driver). If this is not done, the carrier may refuse the claim. The carrier can supply the necessary forms. B) If concealed damage or loss is not apparent until after equipment is uncrated, a request for inspection must be made to ...

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