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Инструкция по эксплуатации Lenoxx Electronics, модель XP19

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™ effIcIency ratIng Up to 18.60 seeR (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and 9.30 hsPf (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). Warranty** 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and all remaining covered components. Patented SilentComfort™ technology for quiet cooling and heating Two-stage operation for optimal performance and efficiency Outstanding efficiency can save you hundreds of dollars each year Ozone-responsible R410A refrigerant meets the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) most stringent environmental guidelines Optimized for use with the exclusive Humiditrol® whole- home dehumidification system†† Lennox™ System Operations Monitor reviews system performance for additional peace of mind and faster, easier service SmartHinge™ louvered access panels for improved coil protection and fast, efficient servicing ENERGYSTAR® qualified Innovation never felt so good. ™ effIcIency ratIng Up to 18.60 seeR (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and 9.30 hsPf (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). Warranty** 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and all remaining covered components. Dave Lennox Signature® Collection XP19 Heat Pump Want high efficiency without the cost of high utility bills? The XP19 heat pump more than delivers. Now offering an even greater level of comfort and efficiency, the XP19 takes comfort technology to new heights, so your utility bills reach new lows. The MosT QuieT and efficienT heaT PuMP You can BuY.* Enhanced with innovative new features, the XP19 provides ultrahigh- efficiency cooling and heating with two stages of operation while allowing increased humidity control. It runs at low stage 80% of the time to reduce energy costs and sound levels. Two-stage operation and exclusive SilentComfort™ technology provide optimal performance for efficient, quiet heating and cooling. Efficient can save hundreds of dollars each year on utility bills With industry-leading efficiencies of up to 18.60 SEER and 9.30 HSPF, the XP19 is the most efficient heat pump on the market today.*** Nearly twice as efficient as a typical† heat pump, the XP19 can lower your utility bills. 5-YeaR cooling savings seer18.00 vs. 10.0 18.00 vs. 13.0 $1600 $1300 $1000 $700 $400 0 $1408 18.00 SEER XP19 heat pump, compared to older, less efficient units $677 This chart compares the 5-year savings you can expect from an XP19 heat pump vs. units with lower efficiency ratings. The regions used to calculate household fuel and utility costs reflect a cross-section of cities in the U.S. using 2006 Department of Energy national average energy rates. In addition to geography, cooling costs are based on 3-ton capacity specifications, with 1,600 cooling hours per year. Your actual costs will vary depending on the weather, local fuel rates, systems settings and your personal lifestyle. ††Must be accompanied by either a variable speed air handler or furnace and the ComfortSense™ 7000 series Touchscreen Thermostat Our dual-fuel system offers the perfect combination of efficiency and comfort with two power sources—a gas furnace and an electric heat pump. What makes this system so ideal is that it seamlessly alternates between the two sources, depending on the need. A heating and cooling system all in one, the heat pump provides the primary power (cooling in the summer; heating on mild winter days), cutting down on gas fuel consumption. On cold winter days, when the temperature drops to freezing, the gas furnace takes over to provide an extra boost of warmth. *A combination of sound ratings established per ARI’s test standard: 70 and efficiency ratings established per ARI’s test standard: ANSI/ARI 10/ 40- 005. **Applies to residential applications only. See actual warranty certificate for details. ***Air source heat pumps as rated for ARI’s test standard: ANSI/ARI 10/ 40-94. †10 SEER heat pump Customizable optimized for use with the new humiditrol® whole-home dehumidification system The XP19 gives you the flexibility to choose a Humiditrol whole-home dehumidification system for improved comfort and indoor air quality. The Humiditrol system uses patented technology to provide a level of humidity control never before available. The Humiditrol dehumidification system also saves you money. Dehumidified air feels cooler, so you can raise your thermostat setting, lower energy costs and still enjoy great comfort. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save 5-7% on your monthly cooling bill for every two degrees you raise your thermostat. The Humiditrol dehumidification system also helps to reduce the opportunity for mold and mildew problems present in humid conditions. It customizes your cooling system, providing indoor air quality you can feel. Quiet so quiet, you won’t believe your ears The XP19 is engineered with exclusive SilentComfort™ technology for quiet performance. A patent- pending fan design, two-stage operation and an insulated compressor compartment also keep sound at a minimum. sound inTensiTY Responsible conserv...

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