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Инструкция по эксплуатации BlueAnt Wireless, модель X5

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. 6. What is the life cycle of the battery pack and can I leave the headset connected to the power adapter or USB cable even if the battery has been fully charged? 7. Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish the LED indicators when charging via USB adapter or USB cable? 8. What is the battery life for X5 Stereo Headset and Audio Streamer? Also, is the connection time for Stereo Headset and Audio Streamer the same if I use fully charged batteries? 9. How do I reconnect Audio Streamer with the X5 Stereo Headset after I have changed battery or switched the devices OFF? 10. Can I use the Audio Streamer with a PC without battery fitted and if yes, how can I make the connection with Headset? 11. Why can’t I hear any sound from the 12. After connecting Audio Streamer with MP3 player, I only hear audio from one side of the Headset. Why? 13. I connected Audio Streamer to the PC using the Y- cable and played music from Windows Media Player but I don’t hear sounds from Headset. 14. When I connect the Audio Streamer to PC via the Y- cable, I hear mono sounds from Headset. Why? 15. Why is the X5 noisy and distorted? 16. I want to connect the Headset with a Bluetooth phone and at the same time listen to music from an audio device using the Audio Streamer. How should I make the connection? 17. While listening to music from an audio device connected to the Audio Streamer, I received a phone call and answered by pressing ‘MFB’ button. Although music stopped, I realized that when the music replayed, it was not at the point where it was first stopped. 18. How can I connect the Audio Streamer with a TV and Hi-Fi Set or iPod? 19. How can I connect Audio Streamer with MP3 phone that doesn’t have 3.5mm stereo input jack? 20. My X5 worked great but now it won’t connect to my phone, what can I do? X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset 21. Can I remote control playback features on a PC like ‘play’ , ‘next’ , ‘previous’, ‘stop’ and ‘pause’ from the X5 Bluetooth Stereo Headset? I can already do this with my A2DP/ AVRCP enabled phone. 22. What if my computer has Bluetooth already built in? Can I use it? 23. Why can the talk time and standby time differ with the products specification description? 24. Why does my phones battery not last as long as it used to? 25. I am having trouble pairing a second phone, what can I do? 26. How can I stay near the X5 but not have calls diverted through it? 27. My phone says “Bluetooth Module not found” what can I do? 28. I have a PDA phone that pairs to the X5 but has trouble transferring calls, how can I fix this? 29. Why can’t I hear the dial tone from headset when I dial? 30. I have read all the solutions in this document but I still cannot get my X5 to work properly, what can I do? X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset General FAQ 1. What is the main difference between the X5 and other Bluetooth devices? The X5 can connect to devices for interactive voice as well for streaming stereo audio over A2DP. They can be used with Bluetooth mobile phones, PDA’s and computers. With the bundled Audio Streamer, the X5 can be used with any audio source. The X5 can be used with a computer without loading any software on to it. 2. What is included in the X5 package? Inside the box you will find an X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset, a Voice Enabled Audio Streamer, 2 x Removable Rechargeable Batteries, 1 x 100240V AC Adapter, 2 x USB cables, 1 x 3.5mm Y- cable audio lead, 1 X 3.5mm Stereo Cable, 1 x set of foam speaker covers, a User Manual and a Quick Start Guide. 3. How does the X5 use Bluetooth technology? Bluetooth is used to send and receive monaural voice and stereo sound signals over radio waves between your device and the X5. It allows the X5to control phone calls on your mobile phone remotely. This is done usingthe Headset and Handsfree Bluetooth Profiles for voice, the A2DP Profile for streaming audio and the AVRCP Profile to remotely control music playback functions of audio devices that support AVRCP. 4. How do I handle voice calls when the X5 is connected to a phone? For incoming mobile phone calls, simply press the MFB on the X5 once to answer. For outgoing calls, you dial from your phone keypad and the call will be transferred to the X5. Alternatively, you can use the redial or voice dial function ( dependent on the phone) by Clicking and Holding for 3 seconds the MFB on the X5. For incoming VOIP calls, use your programs interface to control the call. Sound will be routed to the X5. 5. Can I transfer an ongoing mobile phone call back to my phone to continue it there? Yes, simply use the active menu on the phone during the call and select Transfer to Handset or similar depending on the model of your phone. Alternatively, just Press the On/ Off button on the Headset for three seconds. The Headset will switch OFF and the active call will be transferred back to the phone. 6. How many devices can I pair to the X5? The X5 can store pairing information of up to 10 different Bluetooth devices. The X5 can connect to one A2DP device and...

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