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Инструкция по эксплуатации Auerswald, модель VOICEMAIL CENTER 461.2

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To operate your Voicemail Center 461.2 from a COMfort 2000 system telephone, your COM- fort 2000 must use software release 1.2a (information available via telephone; please refer to the telephone user manual). If you do not have the software version specified, you need to carry out a software update (please refer to the telephone user manual). Usage and Functionality Voicemail Center 461.2 combines the functionality of a traditional answering machine and a professional voicemail solution in a single device. It is the ideal complement for Auerswald PBX systems* (up to four** Voicemail Center 461.2 units can be connected to every PBX system). The four integrated mailboxes can be allocated to any subscriber. Voicemail Center 461.2 works particularly well when connected to Auerswald system telephones ***. In this constellation, a flashing LED on the system telephone alerts you that you have new ICMs (if you are using a freely programmable Function key). You can retrieve ICMs from a system telephone, an internal extension, or from a remote site. Features Connecting Voicemail Center 461.2 to an internal a/b port of an Auerswald PBX system Illuminated graphic display 10 outgoing messages (OGMs): 6 for the Global Mailbox and 4 for Private Mailboxes 4 mailboxes with separate OGMs 30/60 minutes recording capacity, 2 recording quality levels Calling line identification presentation (CLIP) Caller list for up to 50 entries, incl. CLIP information with dates and times Access Code/Remote switching Message Transfer Time transfer from PBX system * In this user manual, the term "PBX system" is used to refer to Auerswald PBX systems COMmander Business, COMmander Basic, COMpact 4410 USB, COMpact 4406 DSL, COMpact 2206 USB and COMpact 2204 USB ** Exception: with COMmander Business, you can use up to 16 Voicemail Center 461.2 units. *** In this user manual, the term "system telephone" is used to refer to Auerswald system telephones COMfort 1000, COMfort 1200 and COMfort 2000 (plus) Introduction Security Advice Recording function Recording of professional announcements or music via audio input Vocal CLIP (assigning ring tones and OGMs to individual numbers) Simple allocation of mailboxes to subscribers of the PBX system Message waiting notification to system telephones Mailbox operation – with the unit – from an extension using DTMF dialling – from a system telephone using the Function keys Number display (CLIP) during playback of incoming messages (ICMs) Alphanumeric Telephone Book (up to 100 entries with numbers and names) Telephone Book can be copied to additional Voicemail Center 461.2 units Timer function with 10 switching times for different configurations and OGMs Remote switching from an extension or outside line Simple installation and configuration Software updates for the unit via the phone line Security Advice Pay attention to the following general security advice: - Read the user manual and keep it for reference. -The device described in this manual is made for the indicated use only. If you are not sure about the intended purpose of the product, please contact your dealer. -Pay attention to the relevant standards when using 230 Volt power supply and units operating on the power supply. -Repairs should only be done by your authorized dealer. Contact your authorized dealer or the manufacturer if necessary. Improper use or exchange of the wall-mount power supply may be dangerous to life or may damage or destroy the device: -Use only the enclosed plug-in power supply unit (type number FE4116 115A035). -Make sure, the plug is inserted securely into the wall mains outlet. Loose plugs or damaged outlets are a fire hazard. -Do not pull at the cable of the plug-in power supply. Pull at the wall-mount power supply itself If you want to switch off the device power. -In case of damage to the plug-in power supply: Interrupt the mains power of the house first before pulling the plug of the wall-mount power supply. Liquids entering the case may cause a dangerous electric shock or may damage or destroy the device. -Pay attention when cleaning the case to prevent liquids from entering the case. Connection and Commissioning Connection and Commissioning The following sections provide step-by-step instructions for connecting your Voicemail Center 461.2 and configuring it for operation with an Auerswald PBX system. Examples show how to set up a Private Mailbox and a Global Mailbox. Private Mailbox ... : The term Private Mailbox refers to a separate answering machine for a single subscriber of the PBX system. Voicemail Center 461.2 supports up to four separate mailboxes for four internal subscribers of the PBX system. Global Mailbox o1...o6: The term Global Mailbox always refers to the answering machine for the external numbers you have specified in the PBX system. If you wish to set up a Global Mailbox but no Private Mailboxes, leave out steps 5-8. If you wish to set up Private Mailboxes but no Global Mailbox, lea...

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