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Инструкция по эксплуатации Uniden, модель XSA965

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To hang up Press , or return the handset to the base or extra charging cradle ( AutoStandby) . To redial 1. Pick up the handset. 2. Press . 3. Listen for the dial tone. 4. Press . OR 1. Pick up the handset. 2. Press , thenpress . 1. Press . 2. Listenfor the dial tone. 3. Press . OR Press thenpress . , Page 8 USING YOUR PHONE XSA965 only: Settings will need to be programmed in both handsets separately. XSA965 only: Settings will need to be programmed in both handsets separately. ADJUSTING THE HANDSET RINGER VOLUME AND EARPIECE VOLUME Handset ringer tone and volume Press or in standby mode to select one of five ringer tones and volume combinations. The telephone will keep this setting for all future calls. Pressing or during a call will change the earpiece volume of the handset. The telephone will keep this setting for all future calls. You can temporarily mute the ringer tone. When the handset is off the base and the phone is ringing,press . The ringer tone will return to normal with the next Earpiece Volume Ringer Mute incoming call. REDIAL The key redials the last number dialed. The redialed number can be up to 32 digits long. 1. Press . 2. Press . The last number dialed will be called. TRAVELLING OUT OF-RANGE During a call, noise will increase if you move your handset too far from your base unit. If the range limit of your base unit is exceeded, your call will terminate within five minutes. Page 9 SELECTING A DIFFERENT CHANNEL SELECTING A DIFFERENT CHANNEL channel If you encounter interference while using your phone, you can manually change the phone's channel for clear operation. This function works only when the phone is in use. • XSA955: Press / channel. 'Scanning' appears on the display, indicating the phone is changing to another channel. • XSA965: Press / select. ' Scanning' appears on the display, indicating the phone is changing to another channel. volume set/ delete play/stopstatusringer menu FIND HANDSET USING YOUR PHONEYou must subscribe through your local telephone company to receive Call Waiting services. To locate the handset (while it's off the base), press on the base. The handset beeps for 60 seconds. XSA955 Only: repeat/rew skip/ff Paging is cancelled by pressing any key or when the handset is returned to the base. XSA965 Only: find hs memo greeting answer on/off Both handsets will ring when paged. Paging is cancelled by pressing any key on either handset. CALL WAITING/FLASH If the call waiting tone sounds during a call: AUSTRALIA: Press / flash, then to switch between callers. NEW ZEALAND: Press / flash to switch between callers. Page 10 MEMORY DIALING In memory dialling operation, you must press a key within 30 seconds or the phone will return to standby. The pause feature is useful for long distance calling, credit card dialling or sequences of numbers that require a pause between digits. STORING PHONE NUMBERS Memory Dialing allows you to dial a number using just a few key presses. Your XSA955/XSA965 stores up to 10 names/numbers in each handset. Memory Store 1 2 1. Press and hold , ' MemoryStore ' is displayed. 2. Press or or enter a number ( 0 - 9 ) to select the memory location where Store Name you would like to store the number. 3. Press . ' ' is displayed on the screen and a cursor flashes indicating StoreName that the display is ready for a name to be entered. Edit Memory 1 Delete Memory 1 Go Back If the screen shown to the right appears, the selected memory location is already stored. Then you must either edit the entry in this location, delete the entry in this location (page 13) or select " GoBack " to choose another location. 4. Use the Alpha Numeric keys to enter a name. The name cannot exceed 14 characters. • Use and to move the cursor to the desired location. • Use to delete characters as needed. • Press and hold to delete all the characters. • If a name is not required, go to step 5. Store Number 5. Press , ' StoreNumber ' is displayed. The cursor flashes indicating that the display is ready for the number to be entered. 6. Use the number keys to enter the phone number. The phone number cannot exceed 20 Store Number 8002971023 digits. Use the /pause to enter a pause in the dialing sequence if required. The display shows a ' P'. Each pause counts as one digit and represents a two second delay of time between the digits. Use to delete digits as needed. 7. Press , you will hear a confirmation tone, and the following screen appears. Memory storage is complete. For example, if you store a number into the memory location number 1, the display shows ' Memory1 Stored ' . After about 2 seconds, ' MemoryStore ' is displayed. Repeat steps 2-7 to store more numbers. 8. Press to return to standby mode. Memory 1 Stored Memory Store 1 UNIDEN AUS 2 Page 11 MAKING CALLS WITH MEMORY DIALING MAKING CALLS WITH MEMORY DIALING 1 2 JOE BLOGGS 3 JOHN DOE UNIDEN AUS Talk 0800123456789 MEMORY DIALING XSA965 only: Numbers stored in one handset can not be accessed from the other. Memory ...

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