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Инструкция по эксплуатации Uniden, модель WDECT2385

Производитель: Uniden
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Integrated Digital Answering Device . Caller ID*/Call Waiting* . Backward/Forward Compatibility# . Hands-Free Speaker phone . 100 Caller ID* Memories with 100 Memory Phone Book . Recordable Ringer Tones . Distinctive Caller ID Options** . POP ID - Caller Name Identification** . Animations & Wall Paper Themes . Text Messaging*** . Reminder/Calendar . Access Answering Machine using Handset . Battery Level Indicator . Direct Link Mode . Room Monitoring . Up to 6hrs talk time . And More! * Caller ID & Call Waiting only work if you subscribe to the service provided by your local telephone company. There is usually a fee for this service. ** Name Tag (POP ID) and Distinctive Caller ID require the Caller ID subscription to function. ***Requires optional extra handset (WDECT2380 only) . #For updated compatible model see our website; AAD 255 Your phone is compatible with other Uniden WDECT Digital Expandable Handsets. This includes the WDECT2380 and WDECT2305 models. Visit our website for updated model listings. Models vary! Charge handset on the base for registration or refer to Owner's Manual. Handset Registering Registration Registration Failed WDECT2380 WDECT2305 Complete (Visit our website for (Visit our website for information on accessories. 12:00 AM TALK 0: 15 14/06/04 MON 1234567890 HANDSET #1 MENU MSG MENU MUTE Bac k OK Back OK Back OK Distinctive ID On AutoTalk On On Key Touch Tone Off Privacy On. Clarity Boost Clarity Boost Contrast Back OK Contrast + - Clarity Boost If using the phone where there is interference you can set this setting on to improve operation. To turn on clarity boost, go to Clarity Boost and select On. You can turn on clarity boost when the phone is in standby or when you're Back OK already on a call. OK Date & Time Date & Time 14/06/2004 10.23PM (*=AM/PM) BACK SAVE Call Waiting On Call Waiting Off On. BACK Name Tag Insert 0 Dial Mode Name Tag Insert 0 Dial Mode Dial Mode (Australia Only) Your phone can communicate with the telephone network in two different ways: tone dialing and pulse dialing. These days, most phone networks use a method called tone dialing, so your phone comes programmed for tone dialing. If your phone company uses pulsedialing, you'll need to change your phone's dial mode. There's an easy way to tell: try making a call. If your call connects, your phone's setting is fine. If not, go to DialModeand select Pulse. A confirmation tone tells you you've changed the dial mode, and you can try making a call again. Name Tag (POP ID) If you subscribe to a Caller ID service your phone can display the stored name with the Caller ID telephone number, if the displayed (Default is on) Caller ID telephone number is exactly the same as a number stored in the phone book (see page 46). Insert 0 This feature adds ' 0' or ' 00 ' to the number, when you receive Caller ID messages (see page 46). The default setting for New Zealand is On. The default setting for Australia is Off. Ringer Tones Back OK Back OK Ringer Tones Recorded Ring 1 Recorded Ring 0 Waltzing Matilda [W Matilda] 60 BACK RECORD To Start Recording Ringer Press (RECORD) Delete Ringer Yes Animations No Selection Animations BACK VIEW Dog Tunes Themes Banner Mom's Phone #1 DELETE OK Banner Keypad Lock Lock Keypad Locked! To unlock keypad press * key Keypad unlocked! Auto Lock Enable 5 Keypad Lock OFF Backlight Color Line in Use P Line in Use P No Signal Help . Call Waiting on Caller ID currently not available in NZ. If you have Call Waiting service and a call waiting tone sounds during a call: AUSTRALIA: Press , then 2 to switch between callers. NEW ZEALAND: Press to switch between callers. Caller ID on Call Waiting (Australia Only) If you subscribe to Caller ID on Call Waiting then when the Call Waiting Tone is heard during a call the 2nd caller's number will appear on the display (see page 55 for Caller ID Features). If you wish to speak to the 2nd caller; Press , then 2 to switch between callers. 12:00 AM 14/06/04 MON Line On Hold MENU MSG 101-101-1010 1-202-202-2020 BACK OPTION Delete Number Yes Delete all Yes BA CK OK BACK OK Ringer Volume Ringer Low BACK OK - + Ear Speaker four Volume 2 BACK OK Ear Speaker - + Speaker High Tone Natural Tone Low Tone BACK OK Audio Tone Mute On Talk 999:00 Booster On MENU MUTE Clarity Boost. Boost On Paging Date & Time must be set to access Calender menu option. To set Date & Time, scroll to Global Setup options. BACK OK Schedule 14/06/04 09:00 AM 15/06/04 06:00 PM BACK OPTION New Entry . Before using this feature you must set date and time (see page 24). Edit Schedule Delete Entry Delete All New Entry Name Tag and Distinctive Ringer Tone features requires the Caller ID service provided by your network supplier to function. Each handset has a total of 100 locations that can be used for the phonebook and Caller ID messages. P Jane Smith 101-101-1010 202-202-2020 303-303-3030 404-404-4040 Eli...

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