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Инструкция по эксплуатации BlueAnt Wireless, модель Z9

Производитель: BlueAnt Wireless
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Pairing will create a stored connection in the Z9 and your Bluetooth cell phone. Pairing has to be done only once, when first connecting to a phone. The Z9 can store pairing information forthree (3) different Bluetooth devices. Pairing Procedure - This is an example procedure only. These steps may differfrom phone to phone, but the process will be the same. 1. First turn the phone OFF and then back ON again to refresh its memory. 2. Bring the mobile phone to about 30cm from the Z9 Dual Microphone. 3. Find the Bluetooth menu in your mobile phone. Turn Bluetooth ON. (Check your mobile phone user guide) 4. With the Z9 OFF, Press and Hold the MFB for about 6 seconds until the LED flashes Blue. 5. Your headset is now ready to be discovered byyour Bluetooth mobile phone. 6. Perform Bluetooth a device discovery on your mobile phone to add a new device. It takes a few seconds to search for and find other Bluetooth devices around you. 7. When Bluetooth devices are found, the phone will display "BlueAntZ9". Scroll to it and press OK to confirm that you want to pairwith it. 8. Enter the Passkey ”0000” when your phone prompts you. The phone will now pair with the BlueAntZ9. 9. If your Bluetooth phone menu supports it "set as authorized" or "add to trusted devices" 10. Again select the BlueAntZ9 to connect with it. OR, Press the MFB to connect with the phone. BUTTON FUNCTION MATRIX Z9 Function Button Time Status Note: Standby Mode means connected to a device but not on a call, Idle Mode means the Z9 is ON but not connected to any device Multiple button presses mean click together Power ON mfbE 3 Seconds From OFF Power OFF mfbS 3 Seconds Idle/Standby Enter Pairing Mode mfbE 6 Seconds From OFF Connect to Device 1 mfbE One Click Idle Connect to Device 2 mfbE Two Clicks Idle Connect to Device 3 MFB 5 Three Clicks Idle Answer Call MFB 5 Click Ringing End Call mfbE 3 Seconds Active Call Reject Call mfbE 3 Seconds Ringing Redial Last Number VOL® 3 Seconds Standby Voice Dial Activate mfbE Click Standby Di sconnect/T ranfer ©&® Click Connected Call Conference VOL® 3 Seconds Active Call Call Waiting @&® 3 seconds Active Call Volume Up VOL® Click Active Call Volume Down VOL© Click Active Call Mute VOL © 3 Seconds Active Call Turn LED’s OFF 0 and ® 3 Seconds Idle/Standby Switch Voice Isolation between Standard and Max mfbE Click Active Call Reset Device MFB0&0&® Click Idle...

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