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Инструкция по эксплуатации Invacare, модель Van Seat PHWH93

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Otherwise injury or damage may occur. One of the following will occur when the drive lock.out feature has been activated: • TILT WARNING displays on the joystick or display unit. • SPM Inhibited displays on the joystick or display unit. •SPJ+ joysticks Only .Left to right chase alternating with a steady display. Drive lock.out is a feature designed to prevent the wheelchair from being driven after theseating system has been reclined beyond 20°* relative to the vertical position. The back can be positioned at a 10° relative offset to the seat base, thereby resulting in a back anglepotential of 30° before which the drive lock.out is activated. This may affect thewheelchair user’s line of sight while driving. Make sure the wheelchair user can see properly to ensure safe driving. *NOTE: 20° back angle can be any combination of recline, back angle and/or surface angle. NOTE: Refer to Typical Product Parameters on page 7 for recline angle ranges. Van Seat 10 Part No 1143195 SECTION 1—GENERAL GUIDELINES Accessories EXTREME care should be exercised when using oxygen in close proximity to electric circuits and other combustible materials. Contact your oxygen supplier for instruction in the use of oxygen. Rain Test Invacare has tested its power wheelchairs in accordance with ISO 7176 “Rain Test.” This provides the end user or his/her assistant sufficient time to remove his/her power wheelchair from a rain storm and retain wheelchair operation. DO NOT leave power wheelchair in a rain storm of any kind. DO NOT use power wheelchair in a shower. DO NOT store power wheelchair in a damp area for an extended period of time. Direct exposure to excessive rain or dampness may cause the wheelchair to malfunction electrically and mechanically, may cause the wheelchair to prematurely rust or may damage the upholstery. Weight Training Invacare DOES NOT recommend the use of its wheelchairs as a weight training apparatus. Invacare wheelchairs have NOT been designed or tested as a seat for any kind of weight training. If occupant uses said wheelchair as a weight training apparatus, Invacare shall NOT be liable for bodily injury and the warranty is void. Weight Limitation Weight limitation varies depending on wheelchair base. The weight limitation of the wheelchair can be found on the weight limitation label. Refer to Label Locations on page 6. Part No 1143195 11 Van Seat SECTION 2—SAFETY/HANDLING OF WHEELCHAIRS SECTION 2—SAFETY/HANDLING OF WHEELCHAIRS Refer to wheelchair base owner’s manual for complete safety/handling information. Pinch Points WARNING DO NOT store or place items under the seat. Pinch point may occur when adjusting the arm angle position. Pinch Point FIGURE 2.1 Pinch Points Van Seat 12 Part No 1143195 SECTION 3—SAFETY INSPECTION/TROUBLESHOOTING SECTION 3—SAFETY INSPECTION/ TROUBLESHOOTING NOTE: Every six months or as necessary take your wheelchair to a qualified dealer for a thorough inspection and servicing. Regular cleaning will reveal loose or worn parts and enhance the smooth operation of your wheelchair. To operate properly and safely, your wheelchair must be cared for just like any other vehicle. Routine maintenance will extend the life and efficiency of your wheelchair. NOTE: Refer to wheelchair base owner’s manual for additional safety inspection and troubleshooting information. Safety Inspection Checklists CAUTION As with any vehicle, wheels and tires should be checked periodically for cracks and wear and should be replaced as necessary. Initial adjustments should be made to suit your personal body structure needs and preference. Thereafter follow these maintenance procedures: Inspect/Adjust Initially . Ensure adjustable height arms operate and lock securely. . Ensure armrest pads sit flush against arm tubes. . Ensure seat is secured to wheelchair frame. . Ensure seat release latch is functional. Replace if necessary. . Ensure all fasteners are secure. . Clean upholstery and armrests. . Check that all labels are present and legible. Replace if necessary. Inspect/Adjust Weekly . Ensure seat is secured to wheelchair frame. . Ensure seat and/or back upholstery have no rips and do not sag. Replace if necessary. . Ensure seat release latch is not worn and is functional. Replace if necessary. . Ensure arm pivot points are not worn and/or loose. Replace if necessary. Part No 1143195 13 Van Seat SECTION 3—SAFETY INSPECTION/TROUBLESHOOTING Inspect/Adjust Monthly . Ensure all fasteners are secure. . Inspect for any loose hardware on the wheelchair. . Inspect the seat positioning strap for signs of wear. Replace if worn or damaged. . Ensure that the buckle on the seat positioning strap latches. Replace if necessary. . Verify that the hardware that attaches the seat positioning strap to the seat frame is secure and undamaged. Replace if necessary. Inspect/Adjust Periodically . Ensure adjustable height arms operate and lock securely. . Ensure arm pivot points are not worn and/or loose. Replace if necessary. . Ensure a...

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