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Инструкция по эксплуатации Necky Kayaks, модель XtraComfortTM Seat Extrasport

Производитель: Necky Kayaks
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The XtraComfort seat uses a shape-molded EVA foam ultra-plush seat pad and backrest up to 3” thick. Its “progressive cushioning effect” makes the seat soft at first, then gradually more supportive - perfect for longer paddling adventures. The backrest is adjustable fore and aft and up and down. The angle of the seat pan is also adjustable, while maintaining a low center of gravity. Finally, the seat is made from a moisture resistant material to help keep you dry and comfortable while paddling. Three Way Seat Adjustment (see back for details) Seat & Thigh Backrest Height Backrest Recline Support Adjustment Angle :CKY KAYAKS Adjustable Backrest Recline Angle Backrest Height Adjustment Adjustable Seat & Thigh Support Bf^traspart Three Way Seat Adjustment: Manitou Sport • Manitou 13 • Manitou 14 • Looksha V Seat and Thigh Support Pull strap loops upward to increase the thigh support and raise the height of your seat pad. To restore the seat to its original position, disengage the tri-glide and allow the strap to slide through until slack. Backrest Height Adjustment Grab the bottom edge of the backrest and tilt it back to at least 45 degrees to the strut that holds it up. At this position, the backrest can slide up or down into any one of five positions. To adjust the height, while seated in the boat loosen the back tension straps and lean forward. Tilt the backrest away from you at least 45 degrees, then slide up or down into desired position. Allow backrest to tilt back to vertical position....

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