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Инструкция по эксплуатации Campbell Hausfeld, модель WF2058

Производитель: Campbell Hausfeld
Размер: 2.12 mb
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Язык инструкции:enesfr
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Le June Rd. Miami, FL 33126 Safety and Health Standards OSHA 29 CFR 1910, from Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402 National Electrical Code NFPA Standard 70, from National Fire Protection Association, Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02269 Models WF2050, WF2054, WF2057 & WF2058 Safe Handling of Compressed Gases in Cylinders CGA Pamphlet P-1, from Compressed Gas Association, 1235 Jefferson Davis Highway, Suite 501, Arlington, VA 22202 Code for Safety in Welding and Cutting CSA Standard W117.2, from Canadian Standards Association, Standards Sales, 178 Rexdale Boulevard, Rexdale, Ontario, Canada M9W 1R3 Cutting And Welding Processes NFPA Standard 51B, from National Fire Protection Association, Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02269 Safe Practices For Occupational And Educational Eye And Face Protection ANSI Standard Z87.1, from American National Standards Institute, 1430 Broadway, New York, NY 10018 Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheets and the manufacturers instructions for metals, wire, coatings and cleaners. Installation LOCATION Selecting the proper location can significantly increase performance, reliability and life of the arc welder. . For best results locate the welder in an environment that is clean and dry. Dust and dirt in the welder retain moisture and increase wear of moving parts. . Place the welder in an area that provides at least twelve inches (305 mm) of ventilation space at both the front and rear of the unit. Keep all obstructions away from this ventilation space. . Store flux cored wire in a clean, dry location with low humidity to reduce oxidation. . The receptacle used for the welder must be properly grounded and the welder must be the only load on the power supply circuit. Refer to the Circuit Amps chart on page 1 for correct circuit capacity. . The use of an extension cord is not recommended for electric arc welding machines. The voltage drop in the extension cord may significantly degrade the performance of the welder. Assembly WIRE INSTALLATION NOTE: Before installing welding wire, be sure: a. Diameter of welding wire matches groove in drive roller on wire feed mechanism (See Fig. 2). The drive roller is marked with metric sizes: .6mm = .024”, .8 - .9mm = .030 – .035” b. Wire matches contact tip in end of gun. (See Fig. 3). A mismatch on any item could cause the wire to slip and bind. NOTE: Always maintain control of loose end of welding wire to prevent unspooling. 1. Verify unit is off and open door panel to expose wire feed mechanism. 2. Remove the spool quick lock by pushing in and rotating 1/4 turn counterclockwise. Then remove knob, spring and spool spacer. 3. Flip tensioning screw down on drive mechanism. This allows initial feeding of wire into gun liner by hand. 4. Install wire spool onto spindle so wire can come off spool on the end closest to the wire feed guide tube. Do not cut the wire loose yet. Install spool spacer, spring and quick lock knob by pushing in and turning knob 1/4 rotation clockwise. 5. Hold wire and cut the wire end from spool. Do not allow wire to unravel. Be sure end of wire is straight and free of burrs. 6. Feed wire through wire feed guide tube, over the groove in drive roller and into gun liner. Flip tensioning screw up and adjust tension by rotating tensioning screw knob. Do not overtighten. 7. Remove nozzle by turning counterclockwise, then unscrew contact tip from end of welding torch (See Figure 3). Plug welder into a proper power supply receptacle. 8. Turn on welder and set wire speed rate to 10. Activate gun trigger until wire feeds out past the torch end. Turn welder off. 9. Carefully slip contact tip over wire and screw tip into torch end. Install nozzle by turning clockwise (See Figure 3). Cut wire off approximately 1/4 inch from nozzle end. 3 38 Sp 37 Sp Modelos WF2050, WF2054, WF2057 & WF2058 5 1 2 3 4 9 8 7 6 10 Figure 12 - Modelos WF2050, WF2054, WF2057 & WF2058 No. de Ref. Descripcion No. del repuesto Ctd. 1 Ensamble de soplete y manguera (fundente revestido, 2,44 m, WF2050 & WF2057) WC403650AV 1 Ensamble de soplete y manguera (fundente revestido, 3,05 m, WF2054 & WF2058) WC404000AV 1 2 Punta de contacto - 0,035” (0,9 mm, 3,05 m, WF2054 & WF2058) WT501400AV 1 Punta de contacto opcional – 0,030” (0,8 mm) Paquete de 4 WT501300AJ † Punta de contacto opcional – 0,035” (0,9 mm) Paquete de 4 WT501400AJ † 3 Boquilla WT502100AV 1 4 Portabobinas WC500805AV 1 5 Ensamble de la placa de conduccion WC500800AJ 1 6 Vastago y rejilla WC707018AV 1 7 Reten de la bobina WC707024AV 1 8 Resorte del reten de la bobina WC707026AV 1 9 Anillo del reten de la bobina WC707023AV 1 10 Alambre de soldar c/fundente – 0,030” (0,8 mm) Bobina de 2 lb (0,9 kg) (E71T-GS) WE200001AV † Alambre de soldar c/fundente – 0,030” (0,8 mm) Bobina de 10 lb. (4,54 kg) (E71T-GS) WE201000AV † Alambre de soldar c/fundente – 0,035” (0,9 mm) Bobina de 2 lb. (0,9 kg) (E71T-GS) WE200501AV † Alambre de soldar c/fundente – 0,035” (0...

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