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Инструкция по эксплуатации Campbell Hausfeld, модель WT5500

Производитель: Campbell Hausfeld
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Use an adjustable wrench to tighten the fitting. (See Figures 3 and 4.) Lighting Instructions 1. Be sure gas valve on torch is closed tightly — turn tight clockwise (see Figure 5). 2. Open valve on propane cylinder and check all components for leaks (use soapy water or leak test solution). DO NOT operate if ! WARNING any leaks are present. A leak may create a fire hazard. Models WT4500 Modelos WT4500 Notes Notas 2 11 Propane Torch Kit Juego de soplete Notes Notas Figure 3 - Hand tightening cylinder connection Figure 4 - Tightening cylinder connection with wrench Figure 5 - Turning gas valve ( clockwise to close, counterclockwise to open) (WT4500 shown, WT5500 similar) Lighting Instructions (Cont.) DO NOT smoke ! WARNING around or expose supply tank to open flames or sparks. DO NOT apply heat ! WARNING or flame to tank to check for leaks. Excess heat may cause the tank to rupture, possibly causing personal injury. 3. Slowly open valve on torch about 1/8 turn until you hear gas flow. Models WT4500 4. For the WT4500, use flint striker ignite torch by creating a spark near torch nozzle (see Figure 6a). For the WT5500, press the piezo ignitor switch near handle (see Figure 6b). Do not use matches ! WARNING or cigarette lighter to ignite torch. Figure 6a - Using flint lighter Figure 6b - Using piezo ignitor 5. Adjust flame to a minimal level with torch gas valve. Torch Use Point torch at what you want to heat and pull Turbo Blast Trigger to intensify the size of the flame (see Figure 7). Release trigger to bring flame back to minimal level. NOTE: If you have the torch gas valve open too high, when you pull the Turbo Blast Trigger, the flame will tend to “blow out” and require reignition. On the WT5500, there is an adjustable brass knob used to limit the distance the Turbo Blast Trigger can move. Turn the valve clockwise for a smaller flame. Turn it counterclockwise for a larger flame. (As a safety precaution, these units Figure 7 - Pulling trigger for flame turbo blast (WT4500 shown, WT5500 similar) are equipped with an excess-flow check valve that shuts off the gas in the event of a damaged or severed hose. If you allow the flame to grow too large, the excess-flow check valve will automatically shut off gas flow to the torch.) To extinguish the flame, close the torch gas flow valve and propane cylinder valve. Make certain that torch is completely cooled before storing. The torch nozzle will be very hot. Do not touch it or rest it on anything that can be damaged by heat. Maintenance Prior to each use: 1. Inspect all components of the device for damage and or wear. If the hose shows ! WARNING excessive abrasion or wear, if the hose is cut, or if it is more than 5 years old, it must be replaced prior to operation. 2. Inspect LP gas tank for dents, damage to collar, damage to shut-off valve or corroded foot ring. If dents, damage to ! WARNING collar, damage to shut-off valve or corroded foot ring are present, the LP gas tank must be replaced prior to operation. 3. Perform a leak test using soapy water or leak test solution. 4. Ignite the torch according to lighting instructions. Check operation of adjusting valve and all other components prior to proceeding. Periodically: 1. Remove any debris or combustible 3 10 Propane Torch Kit 3. Close adjusting valve. When storing,place tank on a level Maintenance (Cont.) surface in an upright position. Do not 4. Disconnect the POL nut/nipple material from torch. The torch must invert or lay tank on its side. (located at end of hose assembly) be kept clear and free of combustible Storage from supply tank by turning materials. ! WARNING temperature must clockwise with adjustable wrench. not exceed 120.F (49.3.C). 2. The surface of the device should be DO NOT smoke use petroleum based or flammable Storage ! WARNING around or expose cleaned with soap and water. Do not supply tank to open flames or sparks. cleaner on any part of the device. Never store a torch that is hot. When The hose assembly the torch is stored indoors, the ! WARNING must be protected connection between LP gas tank and from traffic, crushing, and hot surfaces device must be disconnected. Also, the to prevent premature wear of the hose. Disconnecting the Supply (LP) Tank tank must be removed from the device DO NOT lift tank by NOTICE the valve. Lifting 1. Make sure supply tank valve is shut and stored outdoors in accordance with the tank by the valve may result in damage to the valve. off. Chapter 5 of the “Standard for the storage and handling of liquefied to release any residual gas left in the 2. Open torch adjusting valve(s) briefly petroleum gasses,” ANSI/NFPA 58. hose. One-Year Limited Warranty 1. Duration: The manufacturer warrants that it will repair at no charge for parts or labor the Propane Torch, defective in material or workmanship, during the first year after the date of original purchase. 2. Who Gives this Warranty (Warrantor): Campbell Hausfeld / The...

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