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Инструкция по эксплуатации Buhler, модель YC8520

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[4] Buhler snowblowers are built to work hard for many winters to come. Designed to be durable and rugged, Buhler Allied snow- blowers offer excellent value in a snowblower that will stand the test of time. With weights ranging from 422 lbs to nearly 2400 lbs, Buhler Allied snowblowers are among the heaviest in their class, built with heavy-gauge steel to enhance durability. The gearbox in the YC8520, YC9620Q and YC1080C is housed in a sealed oil bath that is resistant to heat, moisture and debris. The YC1080C is designed for tractors with a 1000 RPM PTO, while the YC1080D has a direct drive gearbox developed for large trac- tors equipped with a 540 RPM PTO. Smaller models feature a durable open gearbox system. The PTO and sprocket to the main auger are protected from damage by shear bolts. The YC1080C and YC1080D have a replaceable cutting edge and fan housing. Most models feature an adjustable hitch to accommodate the length and height of the 3-point hitch on the tractor, which reduces stress and increases the lifespan of the PTO shaft. All models are quick hitch compatible. Three blade or four blade fans are available. The spout rotation is controlled by a hand crank or hydraulic cylinder kit, depending on the model. The spout deflector is controlled by a 6-position manual adjustment or with a hydraulic cylinder kit. The manual adjustment does not require tools. Hydraulic spout rotators and deflectors are stan- dard on the YC1080C and YC1080D, which are available with 7' or 10' extended spouts for truck loading. [2] [1] [3] [1] Adjustable and replaceable skid shoes are standard equipment. [2] The open gear setup on the YC5010, YC6010 and YC7420 models is easy to maintain and service. (Shown with shield removed) [3] Chain drive is easily accessible for routine maintenance. [4] 50" and 60" models are equipped with hand crank spout rotators. Hydraulic cylinder kits are optional. [4] Established in 1933 as an agricultural equipment manufacturer, Standard Gas Engine Works was purchased by John Buhler in 1969. Through steady expansion, new products and acquisitions, the company has experienced steady growth and has evolved into one brand name: Buhler. Over the years, many brands have joined the Buhler family: Farm King, Allied, Inland and Versatile. Buhler maintains several well-stocked parts warehouses and is committed to continuous product improvement and incorporating new value-added features. That tradition of excellence will continue well into the future. 301 Mountain Street South Morden :: Manitoba Canada R6M 1X7 Ph.: 204.822.4467 :: Fax: 204.822.6348 Toll Free: 888.524.1004 E mail: info@buhler.com TSX:BUI Equipment shown is subject to change without notice. ©2007 Buhler Manufacturing. Printed in Canada. Ref: 072007-5000-PG ...

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